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Every year Amazon (India) hosts a Black Friday sale on its global online store opened exclusively for India users.

On which day in 2023 does Black Friday sale take place at Amazon India? Is it offering special discounts to its users during this period?

This year, Black Friday at Amazon will fall on 24th November. During this event, this online store will get its sale prices ready with special discounts not only for its products but also for its promotional codes which are exclusively dedicated to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Do not lose heart for missing out on the Black Friday sales earlier in July that were offered between 17th and 19th of this month. You will get another shot at the sales after four months.

When exactly do the Black Friday sales start and end at Amazon India?

Black Friday sales in Amazon India will be held on November 24th and continue till the end of next day. Amazon has announced that this year, it is going to launch this sale from 23rd November itself. They will be announcing deals on 23rd November and these deals will cover their offerings during the Black Friday Week Event. For all purposes, shoppers can expect the sale to go live with preparations on 23rd November and it will go through to November 29. Shoppers are going to find it exciting as there will be new deals added every five minutes for a period of eight straight days.

What should I look out for the most during Black Friday sale at Amazon India?

You can shop at the Black Friday Deals Week on all Amazon Global (India) stores for fashion, accessories, electronics, home goods, kitchen items, sports goods, games, toys and outdoor products. You can also expect to avail of great savings on such an elaborate selection of Indian and international brands. You should look out for discounts across most categories, particularly on electronic items and fashion accessories. Amazon will also offer `Deals of the Day’ during this week. You can also expect superb deals on Kindles and Amazon Books.

What are the highest discounts I can expect during Black Friday 2023 sale at Amazon India?

The discounts at Amazon India during the Black Friday sale will range from 20% all the way up to 90%, depending on the category that you will be shopping in.

What was the highest Black Friday discount range at Amazon India in the previous years?

The discount range went up to 80% off the original prices of few items, in the previous years. This is not to be confused with all shopping categories as not all price cuts went that high. However, the Black Friday sale proved to be a lot more than an average sales event for the shoppers. In recent years, Amazon India offered its shoppers strong discounts ranging up to 60% off the regular Black Friday sales and an additional 20% could be availed of through the special promo codes.

How can I find the best Black Friday deals at Amazon India?

You can find exciting Black Friday deals at the dedicated sub-section pertaining to this event on the Amazon.In online store. Amazon does not have any units or locations, offline. All their deals appear on their website. Another way of knowing about the Black Friday deals is to register for Amazon newsletters. This is a good way of getting informed about all those unforgettable deals as promotional news will get delivered to their email inboxes, well ahead of time. Amazon also offers the facility of a mobile app so that its regular shoppers would always remain informed about the Black Friday sale picks and would also be able to shop while they are on the go.

Can I still save while shopping at Amazon India when Black Friday sale is over?

Shoppers who miss out on the Black Friday sale event will always have the following weekend to take advantage of the exclusive deals and Cyber Monday sale to hunt for products and expect savings of up to 40% on the leftovers.

At which similar shops to Amazon India can I find great discounts during Black Friday sale?

Other online stores that offer similar stocks and deals like Amazon India are eBay, Snapdeal and PayTM.

Regular shoppers at Amazon India may take note that every year sets up a subpage which is dedicated to Black Friday sales. All the best promotions, including codes, discounts, free shipping and gifts get published there. Visit It is a one-stop shop for all discounts in one place; an ideal gift portal for coupons, promo codes and deals for all brands and online shops in India.