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For over a hundred years, Adidas has been catering to thousands of sportswear lovers. Its Indian unit has now developed as one of the biggest distributors of casual and sports shoes, clothing and frills with a style that is energetic. If you are into sports or design wear, this brand is sure to meet your needs and style of execution with fantastic offers during the Black Friday sale this year, anywhere in India.

On which day in 2023 does Black Friday sale take place at Adidas India? Is it offering special discounts to its users during this period?

Adidas India will be launching its Black Friday sale on 24th November in 2023 with great pomp and excitement. Yes � it will offer special discounts during this event.

When exactly do the Black Friday sales start and end at Adidas India?

The sales at Adidas India will run from 24th November this year to the close of Cyber Monday on 28th November.

What should I look out for the most during Black Friday sale at Adidas India?

You can look forward to special deals on all sportswear and sports footwear. You can start your preparations of what you need from this store, well in advance and fill up on those running shoes that you have been waiting for along with branded fitness clothing so that you will look like a smart professional when you go to the gym.

You can expect both the online and the physical stores to be well-stocked for this occasion. The vast cluster of stock will include T-shirts, casual shoes, sports shoes, shorts, track pants, sweatshirts, rucksacks, and jerseys. You will be able to manage big savings on the Black Friday deals offered by Adidas India when you are shopping there. Watch out for the promotion pages for holiday gifts on the sought after products of this store.

What are the highest discounts I can expect during Black Friday 2023 sale at Adidas India?

Depending upon the product category you pick and its original rack rate, you will be able to save anything between 29% and 70% on your purchases.

What was the highest Black Friday discount range at Adidas India in the previous years?

The discount range in the previous year differed from one category to another of products and the highest went up to 60% of the original rack price of a particular item. Customers enjoyed great deals on soccer cleats and sneakers. There was everything for a whole family at attractive prices during the sale in the previous years and a family�s holiday shopping was totally covered.

At the recently concluded `Black Friday in July� sales on 19th July, customers enjoyed discounts up to 40% with extra 5% cash back on certain deals.

How can I find the best Black Friday deals at Adidas India?

The best deals can be found on the website itself of Adidas India and also by signing up for emails from the online store so that you can stay up to date on all the release details for the Black Friday sale this year. You are sure to come across discounted items across all its product categories.

Can I still save while shopping at Adidas India when Black Friday sale is over?

Once the Black Friday sale is over on Cyber Monday which falls on 2nd December, you can have similar kinds of sales at Adidas India on a periodic basis almost every season in India. This is because this sportswear store is very popular in India and people have become aware of its world-famous brand image. Adidas India tries to sustain its high-market competition by coming up with regular sales to lure its customers.

At which similar shops to Adidas India can I find great discounts during Black Friday sale?

Other online stores that offer similar stocks and deals like Adidas India during Black Friday sale are Puma and Reebok.

Regular shoppers at Adidas India may take note that every year sets up a subpage which is dedicated to the best promotions. The website is a one-stop shop for all discounts in one place; an ideal gift portal for all brands and online shops in India. At the recently concluded Black Friday in July sales, Picodi offered great benefits and promotion ranging from 20% to 50% on the shopping cart values at Adidas India.