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Coursera India offers access to all the best education learning channels of the world to people in India as it partners with all reputed universities and educational organizations while offering courses online to Indians. It is a popular online platform for learning which offers courses, degrees and specializations. It is working with universities and other educational organizations and associating in various subjects like humanities, engineering, social sciences, medicine, mathematics, computer science, business and digital marketing. Its coursework is designed in such a way that the students will have complete interaction through e-textbooks that include pre-recorded quizzes, videos and projects.

On which day in 2023 does Black Friday sale take place at Coursera India? Is it offering special discounts to its users during this period?

Coursera India offers slashed rates on selected courses during Black Friday sale which falls on 24th November in 2023.

When exactly do the Black Friday sales start and end at Coursera India?

The Black Friday sales consideration would start at Coursera India on 24th November 2023 and will run for an entire week till 28th November 2023 and it may offer selected courses with an entire week’s course charges being written off for people who enroll and register during this time.

What should I look out for the most during Black Friday sale at Coursera India?

During the Black Friday weekend, you can look out for discounts on selected online courses and e-learning options in terms of the total course fee. Many of its courses have an element of ‘free charge’ during this period. The videos would mostly be allowed as add-ons to courses on free basis. Access to certificates or graded assignments would, however, be charged. You will have a great opportunity of selecting and learning various skilled courses and enhancing your soft skills during this period and saving money on them.

What are the highest discounts I can expect during Black Friday 2023 sale at Coursera India?

The highest discount that you can expect on the course tariffs would be around 20%. You can also expect free trails on selected courses.

What was the highest Black Friday discount range at Coursera India in the previous years?

In previous years, during Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, Coursera gave away many free rails on selected courses and gave huge discounts that went up even to 50% on long term course tariffs.

How can I find the best Black Friday deals at Coursera India?

You could visit its website and sign up for your account. Once you do that and register, you will receive notifications for all special promotions on select courses, including those that are offered during the Black Friday weekend.

Can I still save while shopping at Coursera India when Black Friday sale is over?

Yes; even after the Black Friday promotion period is over, you will come across special promotions and rebates on course tariffs a little before Christmas. You have to keep your eyes open to check out suitable offers for your particular course needs. You will find a variety of promotions and discounts available on select courses at the year-end deals. Its courses are coached by quality instructors from the best universities in the world and various other educational institutions. You will be able to save on the recorded video lectures and those auto-graded or peer-reviewed assignments along with community discussion forums. You will be able to explore many non-graded materials and lectures without the need to pay fees. Sometimes, you may also come across financial aid when you register during the promotion periods.

At which similar shops to Coursera India can I find great discounts during Black Friday sale?

Other online learning platforms that offer similar education deals like Coursera India during Black Friday sale week are Edureka and Simplilearn.

Regular visitors at Coursera India may take note that every year sets up a subpage which is dedicated to the best promotions. Visit It is a one-stop shop for all discounts in one place; an ideal gift portal for all brands and online platforms in India. With offers dedicated to Coursera India, you should not expect any percentage discounts being offered on courses during the Black Friday sale event but you can expect to take advantage of the promotion offered by whereby you can start a course around this time and expect not to pay for the course charges for the first week of the curriculum.