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In Pakistan Black Friday is by far the biggest shopping event of the 2022. It always falls on the Friday after the Thanksgiving in the USA which occures on the 24th of November this 2023.

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Black Friday: facts and numbers

  • In Pakistan and around the world, the next Black Friday will take place on 24 November 2023;
  • The peak of shopping activity takes place at 3 and 8 pm;
  • During Black Friday, an average Pakistani buys 4 products;
  • Pakistanis are planning on spending around Rs 5473 per person in both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

In the autumn and winter season, Black Friday sale plays an important role not only in terms of e-commerce turnover but also the activity of shoppers. With the beginning of November, small and middle-sized businesses, as well as bigger players on the market, begin Black Friday preparations. They announce huge sales to take place at the end of November, in both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Curiously enough, merchants claim that this is not entirely about the fight for increasing their sales. In a sense, sellers and buyers swap places during Black Friday. In normal circumstances, customers gain benefits by shopping regularly and thus asserting their loyalty. In November, stores are the ones that must prove loyalty toward their clients, which can be assessed with regard to the level of rebates and availability of highly discounted products.

For several years, Black-Friday.Global analysts have been closely following Black Friday trends in Pakistan and around the world. Below, we present a handful of statistics and interesting facts connected with the busiest shopping day in the world.

Black Friday: trends in the past years

Interest in Black Friday Sales across the week

In the beginning, Black Friday used to be a one-day happening in the United States. However, over the past few years, the event has grown into a shopping marathon that lasts for several days. It may sometimes start on Thursday and continue until the end of the week, or even month. In an attempt to grab consumers’ attention, some stores start the so-called presales as early as Monday. Nevertheless, in most countries, the peak of shoppers’ interest falls on the same day. In Pakistan, Google Trends data for 22-28 November 2021 shows that one third of all queries related to Black Friday sales were recorded on Friday (33.4 per cent). Nevertheless, the interest of customers starts to grow on Wednesday and fades on Sunday. This tendency is characteristic for not only Pakistan but other countries as well.

The research conducted by Black-Friday.Global in 2021 shows that 74 per cent of surveyed Pakistanis are aware of the existence of Black Friday. However, not all of them were able to recall the exact date, which may explain the gradual increase of interest in this event even a few weeks before it takes place (Google Trends).

Sales increase on Black Friday

The internal Black-Friday.Global data for 2021 in Pakistan shows a 774 per cent increase in sales compared to an ordinary day. Such high numbers are not uncommon. For example, in India the increase is 828 per cent, in the United Kingdom — over 1708 per cent, and in Germany — over 2418 per cent.

Shopping activity on Black Friday in Pakistan hourly

Unlike the United States, citizens of other countries do not usually have a day off on Black Friday. Although peaks of online shopping activity in various countries are slightly different, generally they fall on the morning and evening. On the Pakistani Internet, the intensity of shopping was distributed quite evenly between 10 am and 11 pm, with peaks at 3 and 8 pm according to Black-Friday.Global data for 2021.

On the other hand, in countries like Turkey, Finland, Greece, Singapore, or Hong Kong, Black Friday seems to have been much-anticipated — basing on the fact that most of the shopping was done right after midnight.

Level of discounts versus shoppers’ expectations

Statistical data from the past few years show that an average Black Friday discount in Pakistan has slightly decreased (from 57 per cent in 2017 to 53 per cent in 2021). Interestingly, these numbers similar to expectations of Pakistani consumers (who get ready for 55 per cent markdowns).

Shoppers from Belarus, Greece and Peru expect higher price reductions (62 per cent). Unfortunately, local stores are only able to offer discounts which are 8-10 percentage points lower than those anticipated by customers. On the other hand, monitoring the deals from stores in Ukraine, RSA and the Philippines shows that merchants in these countries are prepared to offer far more attractive discounts, exceeding the expectations of shoppers.

Level of discounts and shoppers’ expectations

Top products bought by Pakistanis

According to the survey, among Pakistanis who are going to take part in the Black Friday frenzy, 41 per cent already know what to buy. As for the number of purchased items, Pakistanis are going to buy 4 on average. Past years’ statistics indicate that the most popular categories of products among Black Friday shoppers in Pakistan are clothing, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes, electronics, as well as jewellery.

Around the world, widely-understood fashion products take the lead during Black Friday. Nonetheless, in some countries like Brazil, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, or Romania, electronics prevail in shopping carts.

Pyramid of shopping preferences

Black Friday spending

Pakistanis are planning on taking part in both online and brick-and-mortar sales. Those who will choose more than one channel are ready to spend around Rs 5473. It is equivalent to US$35. In contrast, consumers who declare to spend record-breaking amounts come from the USA (US$485), Canada (US$430), the United Kingdom (US$397), Ireland (US$339) and the United Arab Emirates (US$291).

Black Friday spending

According to the data from 2021, when shopping online during Black Friday, two thirds (68.9 per cent) of Pakistani customers used smartphones, 27.9 per cent preferred desktops, and the remaining 3.2 percent chose tablets. Purchasing with smartphones was a global trend, noted among others in the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, or Indonesia.

Methodology and data source

All statistical data comes from, a global discount platform operating since 2010, which created Black-Friday.Global, a site dedicated to Black Friday sales. The surveys conducted in July and November 2021 among 21 thousand respondents from 55 countries were also used in the report. For currency conversion, we used the average exchange rate from

Public Use

Share information about Black Friday with your readers! All the data and infographics presented in this report can be freely used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes as long as you indicate the author of the research (Black-Friday.Global) with a link to this subpage.

Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 in Pakistan

This event, known previously only in the United States, has gained a truly worldwide popularity within just a few years. In Pakistan 74% of respondents know what Black Friday is.

Black-Friday.Global Analysis Team has been closely following this trend for the past several years. We know exactly how relevant this event is for retailers, the domestic and local economy, as well as for average consumers.

How is the interest in shopping and discounts growing among Pakistanis in November? Which products categories are characterised by the highest demand? How much money do Pakistani people spend during Black Friday shopping craze and how are they different from the other nations? We’ve analyzed Black Friday statistics and conducted surveys in 55 countries to answer the above questions. Below you can see the results of our analysis.

Global Recognition


Black Friday is now a global phenomenon for a reason. Google’s data suggests that in the last 5 years the interest of Internet users in this event has more than doubled. Every year, in almost every country, the shopping fever results in new sales records. The only countries where we can see only a moderate increase in Black Friday discounts are the western countries, where trends from the US appear faster.


Over the last 5 years, the popularity of this shopping event has been growing consistently. The survey suggests that more than half of Pakistani population will participate in Black Friday this year (an increase of almost 3 percentage points compared to 2017). The vast majority of consumers will shop both online and offline (55,5%), the rest will either opt for traditional offline-only (14%) or online-only option (30,5%). For comparison, in 2017 the percentage of users choosing only brick and mortar stores was higher by over 18 percentage points (from 13,88% to 32,35%).

Boosting The Global Economy


Such a great Black Friday recognition results in sales numbers’ surges each year. In each of the 55 analysed countries, the number of online transactions on Black Friday increased significantly when compared to the regular day. Take Greece for example, where users have made 2600% more purchases than usual or South Africa with 2571% growth in transaction number. However, in no other country, the Black Friday interest wasn’t as big as it was in Pakistan, where users’ activity was higher by an enormous 11,525%.

So the fact that November is usually the month where most profits are generated comes as no surprise. According to certain estimates, around 20% of stores’ annual turnover is being made in November. Moreover, our internal data allows us to reevaluate that in certain markets – e.g. the UK, Greece, RSA – where even one out of three transactions is taking place in November.

Hard Money


The results of the survey show that users in North America and Europe are willing to spend the most during Black Friday. On the contrary, Asian customers – i.e. in Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines – are planning to spend relatively smaller amounts of money.

The average Pakistani bargain hunter is willing to pay Rs. 4604 ($44) in total for his/her Black Friday shopping cart. That is $239 less than Saudi Arabian consumers, and $292 less than Emiratis.

Pieces of Black Friday Cake


Every year, the world press feeds us with dozens of photos of crowds besieging electronics stores. Surprisingly though, the results of our survey state that clothes and not electronics, are the actual apple of bargain hunters’ eye. Consumer electronics category came second in our ranking. On the other side of the scale books, sports accessories and underwear were the least popular items to buy.

Unusual Markdowns


Black Friday is well known for its sales events with discount rates reaching as high as 80-90%. Even though the number of items available for a single dollar or with 90% discount is highly limited, those participating in Black Friday shopping can count on legitimate bargains. According to our Black Friday 2017 data, the biggest discounts were available for Americans (68% average markdown), Canadians (66%) and Ukrainians (66%). A little less impressive rebates were found in Russia (58% average markdown), Brazil (57%) and Turkey (56%). World’s average sets around 55% off.

As the average discount in Pakistani online stores reached 57% last year, when forecasting Pakistanis’ Black Friday 2023 expenses, it could translate into Rs. 6103 of possible average savings.

Black Friday Figures in Pakistan

  • 74% of Pakistanis know what Black Friday is, and 53% is willing to participate in the shopping spree this year.
  • 55% of bargain hunters will choose both online and offline sales.
  • An average Pakistani will spend Rs. 4600 during Black Friday sales, with clothes, electronics and shoes in mind.

Methodology and Data Sources

This report was created based on data provided by – a global discounts provider existing since 2010. Black-Friday.Global – dedicated to Black Friday deals – was created by 12,000 participants from 55 countries took part in the survey.

Public Use

Would you like to share the Black Friday insights with your audience? Feel free to use and share the report results and infographics in both commercial and noncommercial way as long as you indicate the authorship of the study (Black-Friday.Global) with a link to this subpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a unique day, during which stores around the world offer highly discounted prices and offers in a wide range of their product assortment.

When is Black Friday?

This year the Black Friday will be on November 24th.

Is it worth waiting for Black Friday?

Absolutely! Even though Black Friday is not the only opportunity to save a lot of money while shopping, you will find that the last Friday of November offers the highest discounts you can get!

Is it safe to buy on Black Friday?

Definitely, buying online is much safer than shopping in crowded malls. Black-Friday.Global is a safe website where only real offers from verified online shops are presented.

What kind of discounts can I expect on Black Friday?

On average during Black Friday users enjoy a 55% markdown. A true bargain hunter might even have the opportunity to grab some products for only a few Pakistani Rupees!