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On which day is Black Friday 2020 at TCS Sentiments Express? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during this period?

Black Friday on TCS Sentiments Express is going to be a real treat for customers. The oldest and one of the most popular webiste offering a wide range of gifts in Pakistan will prepare some fantastic discounts on all kinds of products for the 27th of November. November is special for all online shopping websites, not only because of Black Friday events but also because it is opening the Christmas season. This is the best time for gift shopping - you can find items at low prices for your family and friends, so you won't have to worry about it in December. TCS Sentiments Express as a market leader in online gifting and occasion-based services is the best choice right now. It offers an amazing range of personalized gifts, flowers, cakes, chocolates and other items that will make your special one smile. While shopping at TCS on Black Friday you can enjoy getting even an 80% discount on selected products. There will also be an event called Gift Back Week that will allow you to purchase gifts up to 90% off.

When exactly does TCS Sentiments Express Black Friday 2020 start and when does it end?

In recent years, Black Friday proved to be about more than just the weekend of sales. Events usually started a few days before the actual Black Friday. In 2016, TCS Black Friday Sale started on 22nd November and lasted till 27th November. In 2017 sales were even longer - an event called Gift Back Week started on 17th November and lasted until 24th November so users had seven whole days to choose what they want. This year, you can also expect one-week-long sales so prepare yourself for shopping!

What is the most important Black Friday information that I must be aware of?

Shoppers should pay attention to pre-sales which might go live even weeks before the Black Friday. Remember that TCS offers a wide range of deals, so you have to stay in touch with the website if you don't wanna miss on anything. Also, it is important to remember that some products can be sell out quickly, so you have to be prepared! Check TCS Sentiments Express before Black Friday, register your account, fill in your details and find items that interest you! Make notes and save links so you can buy everything before others.

Can I count on big discounts from TCS Sentiments Express during Black Friday 2020?

In 2017 it was possible to enjoy up to 85% off selected products. In 2019, discounts reached even 90% off! This year you can expect promotions on the same level! TCS Sentiments Express is offering multiple deals for each city including gift cards for a wide range of brands to make your loved one’s day better. Prepare yourself to take advantage of those promotions!

What were the highest TCS Sentiments Express Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

The highest discounts in recent years reached even 90% on a special event called Gift Back Week. This sale was all about spreading love and peace with amazing personalized gifts, electronics, flowers, chocolates, cakes and more. It also allowed customers to pre-book whole years' events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc. No minimum buying limit. In 2017, this event started on 17th November and lasted until 24th November. TCS also offered exclusive Gift Cards, opportunities to win some amazing prizes like Tola Gold and other smaller discounts. You were also able to get up to 75% off on bank Alfalah cards and 70% off on UBL cards.

How can I find the best Black Friday offers at TCS Sentiments Express?

There are various ways to find out about the best Black Friday deals from TCS Sentiments Express. However, it's better to start early.

  • Check the TCS Sentiments Express website every day so you won't miss any promotion.
  • If you don't have time to look for promotions, you can simply visit and check the TCS Sentiments Express section. Every new promotion will appear there and with one simple click, you will be taken to the right page. Picodi is informing about every sale and discount, giving pieces of information about competitions and other deals and it's also sharing promo codes with users. There is no better way to make your shopping easy.
  • Social media profiles can prove very useful on Black Friday. TCS Sentiments Express is active on Facebook where posts are appearing almost every day. They also have their profiles on Instagram and Snapchat. Follow TCS on social media and stay updated on every incoming sale, read other people's comments and share your opinions! Become a part of the TCS community!
  • Sign up to the newsletter at TCS Sentiments Express and get special offers straight into your inbox. Search for the "Newsletter" box on the landing page and enjoy getting information about every fresh deal.
  • If you are in a hurry just write the phrase "TCS Sentiments Express Black Friday 2020" in Google Search and wait for results.

Can I save money while shopping at TCS Sentiments Express, after the end of Black Friday?

Of course, you can! TCS Sentiments Express organises sale events whole year round! There is a special Sale section on a website that allows you to buy discounted products up to 50% off. Don't hesitate to check it and start buying gifts for your wife, husband, mother, father, kids, friends and more! Also remember to visit website where you can find all the deals and promo codes in one place. You will never get lost again that way! Head to the TCS Sentiments Express today, register your account and sign up to the newsletter to stay updated with everything.

What are the other similar stores where I can find the best Black Friday deals?

If you want to find more deals from stores that offer similar products, you can try browsing: Amazon, Aliexpress and iShopping.