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Myprotein India is a rapidly growing sports nutrition online international brand. It offers a great variety of food supplements which are nutritious to make sure that its customers maintain quality fitness. It is a global brand which has become a leading provider of nutritional needs within your budget. It offers a vast range of nutritional supplements and customized sportswear for both men and women. In India, this online store aims to become the largest sports nutrition brand in the next couple of years by delivering excellent value and launching innovative products every year.

On which day in 2020 does Black Friday sale take place at Myprotein India? Is it offering special discounts to its users during this period?

Myprotein India enters the Black Friday sale in 2020 on 27th November. Yes – you can expect special discounts on nutritional supplements and fitness products and can stock up for the whole of next year. You will be able to buy on attractive discounted rates at Myprotein’s online store.

When exactly do the Black Friday sales start and end at Myprotein India?

The Black Friday sales at Myprotein India start on 27th November and end at the close of Cyber Monday, on 30th November. The discounted rates are up for grabs throughout the whole weekend, from Friday to Monday.

What should I look out for the most during Black Friday sale at Myprotein India?

You can look for discounts on sportswear and health supplements. You can also stock up on all fitness essentials for the whole of next year as Myprotein will offer you a vast range of nutritious and healthy food supplements that include creatinine, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and all essential healthy ingredients at rates which are highly affordable during the Black Friday sale.

What are the highest discounts I can expect during Black Friday 2020 sale at Myprotein India?

The highest discount that you can expect at Myprotein India during the Black Friday sale is around 50% and it will only be offered on select items based on their original rack price and their category.

What was the highest Black Friday discount range at Myprotein India in the previous years?

In the previous years, Myprotein India offered discounts as expected this year and it was up to 50% which ranged from one category to another. The highest discounts offered were on sportswear.

How can I find the best Black Friday deals at Myprotein India?

You can visit the website and choose the products to know about the deals, manually or subscribe to a newsletter and get all custom recommendations to get sales information directly to your mail inbox. You can take advantage of all their Black Friday exclusive offers and their voucher codes to save on your purchases at Myprotein to optimize on your diet right away. You can also visit their Facebook pageto know about the Black Friday event and related sales.

Can I still save while shopping at Myprotein India when Black Friday sale is over?

Once the Black Friday sale gets over on Cyber Monday, on 30th November, the same rebates may not feature until some time. You will then be able to take advantage of the yearend sales, a little before Christmas and New Year and use special promotions and coupons. Myprotein’s Electronic Tongue and Nose machine enables its production facility to carry out taste assessment of both solid and liquid products and its electronic sensors will establish full profile of taste of all its products. This is the reason why such advanced technology gives its customers full confidence that all nutritional supplements of Myprotein are thoroughly tested for flavour, taste, aroma and quality to give you the highest food grades possible at attractive rebates.

At which similar shops to Myprotein India can I find great discounts during Black Friday sale?

Other online stores that offer similar stocks and deals like Myprotein India during Black Friday sale are Adidas, Puma and Reebok.

Regular shoppers at Myprotein India may take note that every year sets up a subpage which is dedicated to the best promotions. Visit It is a one-stop shop for all discounts in one place; an ideal gift portal for all brands and online shops in India. With promo codes dedicated to Myprotein India, you can expect to get a rebate ranging from 15% up to 20%.