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When is Black Friday 2023? Are there going to be any Amazon Black Friday discounts?

Black Friday always takes place on the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day and this year it is the 24th of November. As usual, Amazon Black Friday is going to be a real treat for customers. As Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms of its kind, the website prepares fantastic discounts on all kinds of products for Black Friday itself and Cyber Monday. Get ready for deals of the day, early access promotions and discounts on products marked as own-brand.

When does Amazon Black Friday start and end?

Even though Black Friday is scheduled for the 24th of November, Amazon usually encourages their shoppers to partake in the festivities a bit earlier than that. The e-commerce platform kicks off their promotions on the Monday preceding the event, and it seems that this year it is going to be the 23th of November. All of Amazon’s Black Friday sales and promotions are supposed to end on Monday, two days after the actual date. This year it is going to be the 28th of November. This means that you will probably have an entire week to shop for the things that you need.

Amazon Black Friday 101 - what should I pay special attention to?

Make sure that you keep your eye on the “Upcoming Deals” section on the website. This way you will know the exact time the sale period starts and will be able to add items from your shopping list directly to the cart and immediately proceed to checkout. This is especially important as the products from that section might sell out very quickly.

Another thing you can do is to explore the "Today's Deals" section. These promotions are usually there for just a day, as the name suggests, and the products go back to their original price the next day.

If you shop for the same or similar products on a regular basis, have your previous order information on hand. This way it will be much easier to find the right items in no time. Since Amazon is such a popular site and millions of shoppers visit it on Black Friday, better have your payment information ready. One way is to register for an account and enter the details beforehand so that you will not waste time when placing an order. On days such as Black Friday, your items can sell out in a matter of minutes, so it is better not to take chances once you have the thing in your cart. Remember that even if a product is in your cart but you still have not paid for it, someone else can finalise their order before you, purchase the last item and and your order will be cancelled.

In 2020, Amazon ended the Black Friday weekend with what they called the Cyber Monday Deals week. During that time events such as Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day were announced.

How big of a discount can I score with Amazon Black Friday deals?

Every year, more and more stores, websites and shoppers are taking part in the Amazon Black Friday sale period, so you should expect exactly the same thing to happen this year. It means enjoying up to 50% off and even more on a wide variety of products. With discounts as high as this, you can consider buying items from some high-end brands and enjoy top-quality jewellery, apparel and other fashion accessories.

How big were the Amazon Black Friday discounts previously?

You can expect a sea of discounted products to appear on the Amazon homepage as it was also the case last year. Customers could enjoy plenty of 20% off type of deals on items such as TVs or laptops and up to 70% on other products. Also, a new deal was announced every ten minutes.

What can I do to find the best Amazon Black Friday offers?

First of all, subscribe for Amazon’s email notifications, this way you will never miss the next day's "Deal of the Day" promo. Additionally, you will know if the next day's products are something you are be interested in. With that out of the way, become a regular on Amazon's website if you are not one already. This way you will be able to see the offers on a specially created landing page.

If you are on social media, do not forget to like Amazon on Facebook – any new flash promos will be announced right there in real time. There will also be some content that can be useful for new shoppers who do not have a lot of experience with Black Friday. If you are more of a Twitter person, there is always @amazondeals for you to follow.

To be able to shop whenever and whenever, you can install the Amazon mobile app which will help you act really fast anytine you see something that catches your attention. The app will also notify you when to shop. Finally, Amazon has created an Assistant which can deliver you their daily deals in the form of a notification in your browser. Also, do not forget to sign up for Amazon Prime as some deals are only available for Prime members. You can cancel your free trial when Black Friday comes to an end.

With all of the above, you simply cannot miss special deals and you are bound to shop your way into oblivion.

Can I save money when shopping on Amazon if it is not Black Friday?

Yes, Amazon prepares plenty of deals for their customers on a daily basis. One way to get to know all about them is to head to the Picodi webstie. This service will let you know if there is something worth your attention and you can visit the Amazon's subpage on Picodi whenever you want. It will give you an overview of what is out there.

You can also subscribe to Amazon's newsletter. Depending on the season or event, the platform comes up with great deals. For example, on the National Book Day, you might expect a million titles for under $2 for Kindle, on Valentine’s Day - gifts with free shipping. Register to Prime to start enjoying very fast and free delivery on all products. It can save you plenty of money in the long run especially if you shop on Amazon quite often.

What's more, Amazon organises a special event called Prime Day with more than one million worldwide deals! There are also Today's Deals which are available all year long as well as seasonal special pages with selected items up for grabs for less than $10.

What other stores prepare Black Friday deals?

There are other similar platforms that will offer great sales on Black Friday and beyond, including iHerb and YOOX.