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1. When is Black Friday 2023 at Amazon? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during the event?

The most anticipated shopping event of the season - Black Friday - will take place this year on November 24th. This will be the first official Black Friday on Amazon since it was transformed from Souq in mid-June 2021. As a global brand, Amazon will surely prepare fantastic deals and promotions. Prepare your credit cards for the shopping workout of the year!

2. When do Black Friday's promotions start and when do they end on Amazon?

Last year, Black Friday on Souq was celebrated as White Friday between November 22nd and November 28th. Customers enjoyed a week of fabulous deals and markdowns up to 70% off on a wide variety of products. There is a high chance that this November Amazon will prepare Black Friday offers a week early as well.

3. The most important information about Black Friday sales at Amazon. What should I pay attention to and watch out for?

Black Friday will for sure bring the attention of many bargain hunters so get ready for a lot of traffic on the website. The best-selling products on Amazon such as Electronics, Mobiles, Appliances might sell out quicker than usual. However, with proper preparation, you might get all your dream products at super low prices. Visit Amazon website ahead of time and create the official account. Fill in the shipping address, necessary information and a payment method. It will definitely speed up the shopping process during Black Friday. Create a Wish List and add your favourite products in order to find them easily later before the big day.

4. How much discount should I expect from Amazon Black Friday offers?

According to current deals and previous events celebrated on Amazon, you can expect to save up to 70% off Home essentials, up to 30% off Mobiles and Tablets, up to 60% off Perfume and Beauty as well as up to 20% off Kids' Travel Gear. We are sure that Amazon has exciting deals and promotions planned for this year's Black Friday. Expect attractive promo codes, coupons for individual products, Daily Deals and many more chances for shopping for less.

5. What were the highest Amazon discounts during the previous years?

Given that Amazon is available in Saudi Arabia since mid-June 2023, here are the examples of promotions that happened on Souq during White Friday last year. The markdowns on Souq varied between 50% -70% on a wide selection of products, starting from Electronics, Mobiles and Tablets, Home & Kitchen, Appliances. Health & Beauty, Babies, Toys and Sports. Additionally, a few days before Black Friday, Souq surprised its customers with exclusive promo codes giving an extra 10% off general items as well as 10% off Home products and even 20% off Fashion apparel on sale. On Friday during the Last Chance Sale, customers could save more thanks to the promo code offering 10% off but it was no more than SAR 100.

6. How do I find the best Black Friday bargains in Amazon?

The easiest and the most effective way to find the best Black Friday deals on Amazon is to visit the official website. Visit at least a week before to get a glimpse of upcoming promotions and deals. If you want to be up to date with the latest offers from Amazon, then sign-up for personalised newsletters in the account settings. Additionally, a great way to keep in touch with Amazon is to visit and follow the store on all available social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can never predict where the next great offer will appear so it's always better to be prepared. Download the official Amazon mobile app to be able to get access to amazing deals no matter where you are, on a bus, in a car, at work. Who knows, maybe Amazon will share an exclusive promo code valid only on the mobile app purchases. If you feel overwhelmed with all promotions found on the Amazon website, then you might want to visit coupon websites, such as Picodi, which also publish appealing offers and exclusive deals. As a last resort, you can always use the search engine or trusted online forums when looking for the latest Amazon Black Friday discounts.

7. Can I save money when shopping at Amazon even after Black Friday ends?

Yes, of course! There is rarely a dull moment on the Amazon website. Check out Today's Deals section to unlock limited offers and save up to 50% off on categories such as Fashion, Beauty, Baby, Garden, Handbags and more. If you like saving money with coupons, then you need to get familiar with the Coupons tab on the Amazon website. Discover hundreds of discounts, applied at checkout, for products such as Eyewear, Computers, Accessories, Toys, Jewellery and more. What's more, Amazon likes to celebrate various events such as Ready for School, Eid, Amazon Big Sale, Saudi National Day during which prices can be reduced by up to 70% off. Sign up for the newsletter and follow social networking sites to stay informed.

8. What other similar shops have the best Black Friday deals?

During Black Friday it’s advisable to visit and compare promotions from other online stores as well. If you want to get great deals on designer clothing, then you might want to visit Ounass. Prepare for huge discounts up to 70% off brands like Chloe, D&G or Jimmy Choo. However, if you prefer high street brands, then you might like Namshi or ASOS better. For great deals on supplements and nutritional items, you can’t do better than iHerb, but if you want to save even 90% off, then you must visit Aliexpress. Happy shopping!