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Black Friday 2023: discounts at Noon

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Black Friday 2023 at NOON

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When is Black Friday 2023 at Noon? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during the event?

Thanks to the Black Friday Sale at Noon you are about to enjoy reductions up to 80% off on a wide selection of products. Save on clothing, fragrances, accessories, footwear and more. This year, special promo coupons might be expected. Be prepared for the 24th of November when the main sales will take place.

When does Noon Black Friday start and when does it end?

In the past, Noon started its Black Friday campaign on Thursday and continued its promotion until the 4th of December - Wednesday. It shows that it opens its virtual doors for customers slightly earlier to give them more time to prepare and finishes with some close-up promos as well. Just to be safe, remember to check out their website a bit earlier this year not to miss an announcement.

What are the best Black Friday tips of which customers should be aware?

Prepare for attractive markdowns on products from all categories but be advised that there might be an additional code that will let you save even more. If you want to, you can start looking for promotions considerably earlier. Generally, the closer it gets, the most deals you are probably going to see.

To never miss news concerning the newest vouchers and codes, you should subscribe to the newsletter. It will tell you when to start paying more attention to Noon's promotional categories and if the information regarding Black Friday has been announced.

Additionally, look for more promotional offers, such as free or discounted shipping.

If you want to be prepared for Black Friday, you should visit the store's webpage and look for items you think you should get. This way you will not have to look for them later and risk that someone else will be quicker and more successful than you.

How much discount should I expect from Noon Black Friday offers?

This year, customers online can expect the sales to reach up to 80% as a discount and even more with specially released promo code. Not only that. Noon partners up with some banks in the country and might even throw extra rebates just for using a card issued by it. Also, be sure to explore the free shipping options - you might be eligible and save extra on that.

What were the highest Noon Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

In previous years, Noon gave their shoppers an indispensable possibility to purchase goods across categories for up to 80%. Given the fact that certain items had already been discounted, which is the case with the majority of the regular catalogue, the actual markdowns increased.

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from Noon?

Noon has got their own fan page where the store regularly informs their customers of the newest deals. This will most likely be the case just before and during Black Friday so keep your eyes open and take any deal you find attractive enough to spend your money on. Make sure you know what you want before you look through the catalogue. will also give you plenty of information on what kinds of promotions you can find on the store's website. Coupons, vouchers, codes - all of that is under one roof for an even more pleasant shopping experience.

If you're always out and about and you simply don't have time to spend in front of your computer whereas you wish to hear about possible savings on Black Friday, you should download the mobile app from Noon. It will alert the users on the commencement of the sale as well as any additional discounts that appear online. A piece of advice: some of those discounts might be exclusive to app users so don't miss your chance.

Can I save money from shopping at Noon, even after Black Friday ends?

There are plenty of promotions of which you can take advantage. Every day of the year, great savings are waiting for you and when you use the promotions and vouchers, you will soon notice that your finances are in the much better state.

Those shoppers who already have an account with specific banks can up to 15% on their shopping cart. The banks include ADCB, FAB, NCB, Liv and Mashreq. Benefits include money off your order and additional discounts. It's a great investment, especially given the fact that you are using your card when shopping online anyway.

Every year around July, Noon organises a total clearance sale. Everything that is in the catalogue of savings must go, and in 2021 the promotion stated that if you spent over 100 SAR, you could get 10% off. With 200 SAR the discount was 15% whereas, with 300 SAR, you could save 20%. Even though electronics were excluded from the promo, it was still an excellent promotion.

Top picks are products which come from world-renowned brands, but they bear an attractive price tag. Such items are available for up to 60% off which means you can save on things like iPhone 5s with FaceTime Paradiso EDP 75 ml and iPhone X.

Other promotions are flat, which means that throughout the specific category, there is a flat percentage of discount. Whatever you buy, you can get up to 50% off. Mega deals present opportunities which are just too good to miss. If you want to see all of the above and more in one place, for your convenience - subscribe to Picodi. An email with newest promos will land in your mailbox, and it will show you whether it's something you should be interested in.

What other similar stores have the best Black Friday deals?

Noon isn't the only place in which Black Friday is celebrated. If you wish to explore your options to the fullest, do so by visiting AliExpress, Souq and Awok.