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When is Black Friday in 2023? Is there any special sale event at Staples?

In 2023, Black Friday is on November 24th. Staples is well known among Canadians as one of the top office supplies retailers for both the quality and prices of its products - and those prices get even better on Black Friday! Read on to learn more about some of the best last year’s deals, what you can expect this Black Friday, as well as a handful of useful tips and tricks.

When does the Staples’ Black Friday sale exactly start?

Last year, the sale consisted of two separate events, one lasting five days (from Black Friday until Tuesday) and the other lasting three (from Black Friday until Sunday). The discounts differed depending on the event - while you could save more on the three-day one, there was more time and less competition when shopping on the one that ended on Tuesday. It is likely that Staples will follow the same pattern this year.

You should also remember about the pre-Black Friday sale, as those deals are nothing to scoff at! This early event usually starts about one week before Black Friday and features deals on hundreds of products from Staples.

What is important to remember when shopping at Staples during Black Friday?

Black Friday deals are among some of the best (if not the best) during the calendar year, so it’s important to keep several things in mind.

First, plan ahead. Don’t let others snatch the deal on that one gaming laptop you so much wanted just because you hadn’t realized that it’s on discount. During the event, Staples will be full of spectacular offers, so don’t get distracted and go for the one product you have your eyes on. You can read more about some of the ways to stay up to date further in this article.

Second, some of the products may come in limited supply and run out of stock quickly, especially those on the highest discount. Remember that when planning your shopping and choosing between online and in-store order. Shopping online is advised to avoid crowds, even more so since Staples offers in-store pick-up.

If, however, you prefer going to your local store, remember that is will most likely open earlier than normally - contact the store in advance and stay on the safe side!

What kind of discounts can I expect on the Black Friday sale at Staples?

In 2021, Staples customers could save up to $250 when shopping on the Black Friday sale. Prices on some of the smaller items, like Google Home smart home devices, were up to 50% lower. Staples also offered a trade-in option for those buying a new printer - you could bring your old one for up to $50 discount.

What were the best Black Friday discounts previously offered by Staples?

Each year, Staples offers hundreds of reductions on their items, from PCs to paper clips. Here are some of the best:

- Microsoft Surface 2 laptop for $1049.99 ($250 off)

- Beats by dr dre. Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones for $99.99 ($150 off)

- Jabra Elite Sport2 True Wireless headphones: $159.99 ($120 off)

- Google Home for $89.99 ($90 off)

- MacBook Air for $999.99 ($200 off)

If you’re looking for the best deals possible, you should try your luck on the shorter, three-day event. The discounts offered on that sale were much better than others but available for a shorter time.

Where can I find the best Black Friday deals from Staples?

There are plenty of ways to learn about Black Friday promos. Choose one, two, or even all to stay in the loop!

At the beginning of November, you should start looking for the Black Friday flyer. It will give you some insight into the best upcoming deals, as well as terms, conditions and schedule of the event. Plus, you will have a selection of deals at your disposal, all in one place.

If you prefer being notified about the promotions, subscribing to the staples newsletter may be a good idea. Every few days you will receive a feed with the best offers year-round, as well as on the special events just like Black Friday. It’s a great way to stay informed without putting too much effort into it.

There is also a number of options for the more determined shoppers. Follow Staples on Twitter and Facebook and check their pages regularly for the freshest news about Black Friday deals. Staples will also have a separate subpage on their website, entirely devoted to the event. And there’s also the mobile app, which allows you to shop and browse tech, stationery and office supplies from basically anywhere.

If you’re interested in deals from other similar retailers as well as Staples, you should definitely check out Picodi. There you will find the finest selection of deals from a plethora of online stores and compare them easily to pick the one that’s the best for you.

Are there any similar sale events at Staples?

Missed Black Friday sales? Don’t worry, there are many other occasions to save at Staples!

Firstly, Cyber Monday is right after the Black Friday weekend with deals equally as stunning as the Friday ones.

You should also visit Staples during any other major holidays, even those that seemingly have nothing to do with office supplies and tech, like Halloween, New Year or Easter. Any reason is good to treat customers to a nice discount!

You already know about the newsletter but it is even better! Thanks to it, you will enjoy weekly updates on the most attractive offers and promotions from Staples and will never again miss out on a deal!

What other similar retailers offer Black Friday discounts?

Many other store chains run their own events, so if for some reason you decide that Staples is not for you, there is plenty to choose from.

If you’re looking for a new PC, laptop, printer or other tech items, you should visit Best Buy, Newegg, Dell, The Source, Amazon, eBay or Walmart.

To find other deals on stationery and office supplies, try Costco, Walmart, Michaels and Oriental Trading.