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When is Black Friday in 2023? Does Petco plan any special events?

Black Friday directly follows American Thanksgiving and falls on November 24th this year. No matter if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your four-legged friend and fellow pet lovers or just want to save on pet food and supplies, you should visit Petco for the best Black Friday deals! Read this handy guide to find helpful shopping hints, examples of last years’ Black Friday offers and other useful information!

When exactly does the Black Friday event at Petco start and end?

Although many stores launch pre-sale Black Friday events as early as several weeks ahead of Thanksgiving, this is certainly not the case with Petco. Actually, its Black Friday sales tend to be rather short, usually spanning just two days, Friday and Saturday. While retail stores will be closed on Thanksgiving, the online sale may start on that day. It’s always better to stay on the safe side and check in advance - you’ll learn how to do it later in the article.

What should I remember about during Black Friday at Petco?

You can apply many general Black Friday tips to Petco. Shopping online is encouraged to avoid battling the competition, which may be even fiercer given the short duration of the event. Remember that your order will be delivered for free as long as you spend at least $49, so consider putting that one extra snack in your cart to offset the shipping charge. Your dog and wallet will both love it!

Even better, Petco normally offers a 10% discount when you go for the in-store pick-up option. While there’s no guarantee that this will work during the Black Friday sale, it’s something worth keeping in mind.

To fully benefit from all the amazing Black Friday deals at Petco, you have to enrol in the Pals Rewards, as most offers require membership. Don’t worry though, it’s free to join, and well worth it! Register as early as possible to be ready on the day the sale lands.

What did Petco offer on last year’s Black Friday sale?

Black Friday 2023 promotions from Petco haven’t been revealed yet but they will most likely be similar to those offered in the previous years. Petco customers could save up to 50% on a wide selection of pet products, from chow and toys to mats and aquariums. Some of the products saw the lowest price in the entire year. There was plenty of buy one, get one free deals which allowed to build a nice stock of food and snacks for your furry friend. More unorthodox deals featured $50 reward dollars with dog training plan purchase or even free Christmas-themed antlers for your cat and dog to get them into the festive mood!

Petco offered all shoppers an opportunity to help local animal shelters - customers could bring their pet to one of the stores and take a commemorative photo for a small donation.

What were some of the best offers on previous Black Friday sales at Petco?

Pet lovers could find basically anything on last year’s sale and save up to 50%. Take a look at those exceptionally good deals:

- Buy one, get one free deals on dog chews and treats and small animal bedding

- ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Litter Box for only $99

- 50% off a wide variety of dog and cat foods, accessories, toys, crates, mats and more

Those and many other deals were the best chance of the year to save on pet products.

How do I learn about all those Black Friday Petco deals?

It’s easy to get lost or overlook one of the offers. Since the sale event only lasts two days, it’s even more important to make sure that you stay up to date with all upcoming deals.

One great way to do it is by subscribing to the newsletter. Thanks to that, you will receive regular feeds featuring the best and newest deals from Petco, and you will be notified when the Black Friday sale launches. It is also a good way to obtain the flyer, which is another great source of information about the event - you will find there the most attractive discounts and all terms and conditions of the sale.

For the freshest deals, you should drop by Petco’s dedicated Black Friday website and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those require more dedication and good timing, but the effort will pay off when you snatch that perfect offer the moment it was posted!

Finally, there are online discount websites like Picodi. If you’re looking for offers from Petco as well as other pet supplies chain stores, this is the place to go. All the best offers from multiple stores are gathered in one place, allowing you to quickly compare and choose the best deal for you. Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Can I save money at Petco if I missed Black Friday?

Every day, Petco is updated with new fantastic offers on everything your pet may need! Even though those deals may not be as good as the Black Friday ones, you still can save a lot. Cyber Monday is another great opportunity to pay less for all pet supplies, and the deals usually match those offered just few days ago.

Occasional promo codes and weekly flyers are sent to all newsletter subscribers - yet another reason to join the mailing list as soon as possible!

And, obviously, there are several events each year during which most major stores, including Petco, organize a special discount. Those include Christmas, Easter, New Year, national holidays etc. All of them feature great prices on thousands of products.

Can I benefit from Black Friday deals in other similar shops?

There are many other pet supplies stores that participate in Black Friday, so if for whatever reason you are not happy about the deals you found at Petco, you can always see what competition has in store. Try visiting Chewy, PetSmart and Zooplus - they all hold their own Black Friday sales.