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When is Black Friday 2023 at Microsoft? Does the store offer any discounts or its customers during the event?

The Black Friday, which is the worldwide recognized phenomenon collecting all the most humongous discount deals of the year, is the next day after the Thanksgiving, which is on the fourth Thursday of November. This year’s Black Friday event takes place on 24th November. As one of the leaders on the tech and electronics market Microsoft prepared many attractions for customers interested in their offers. There is something for the Microsoft OS and Microsoft Office, as well as the Xbox gamers. Ready? Steady? Then: GO! with the most amazing deal’s run of the whole year!

When does Microsoft Black Friday start and when does it end?

Well, some may say that “Black Friday” is only a suggestion... Microsoft are certainly such people. In 2019 selected sales were available even two weeks before the main Black Friday event, but most sales started at Thanksgiving Thursday midnight. Main sales concluded with Cyber Monday, which is always the second highlight for the tech specialists and electronic stores such as Microsoft, but even that wasn’t the end of it all: some of the deals were available up until January, so there’s that. It’s only telling about how much Microsoft loves to please you for as long as they can.

What are the best Black Friday tips of which customers should be aware?

As mentioned, some deals start way before Black Friday, so the best thing you can do is checking the deals as soon as even whole two weeks before the big event. The next thing is not all deals start at midnight, they can pop out every now and then, so you should look for them every so often during the whole weekend sales. Microsoft is very active on social media, so it’s a good thing to visit some Twitter and Facebook to see what’s going on there. Just remember, Microsoft Store and Microsoft are two separate profiles, Microsoft is the company’s main profile, Microsoft Store is the one you’d like to follow for the offers, so that you’re aware that there’s a distinction.

How much discount should I expect from Microsoft Black Friday offers?

Microsoft offers great bundle deals up to a few hundred bucks off, the discounts as high as 50% off the regular prices and Xbox seasonal passes for just a buck. The company prioritizes their newest products, so they will most definitely be pushing the offers for items in the likes of the Surface range, the Xbox One X and One S. This of course doesn’t obviously means that they would neglect the offers on their more dated stock, quite the opposite, as it’s only now with the updated versions they will going to get properly discounted. As for the other departments, the Smart Home range of Microsoft products was previously discounted by up to 40%, and the Office 365 yearly subscription available for free with selected products, including Samsung smartphones.

What were the highest Microsoft Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

The most lucrative Microsoft deals of the last year included $330 off Surface Pro 6 bundles and $300 off Surface Laptop 2. The best console promos included Xbox One bundle offer $100 off the regular price and $1 Xbox Game Pass for one month. But even now selected Surface Pro 6 are discounted by $400, so just imagine what will happen on the Black Friday with then still freshly released Surface Pro X and Pro 7!

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from Microsoft?

Microsoft allows their customers for the sneak peeks of the upcoming deals, so you can see any hardware and software offers available in the very-near future. If you don’t want to miss a thing, you should head straight for the Microsoft online store, where all the deals will be available at an instant, but there will be massive, massive amount of deals to browse through. Microsoft Store Tweets and Facebook feed are certainly great sources of valuable info for you to look up, as the Microsoft team will upload their best choices there.

There are also coupon sites, such as Picodi, where the best and freshly hand-picked selected deals will be available for you to grab and save. Last but not least, there is the site you’re checking right now, Black Friday Global, where you will also find the finest deals available at the moment, along with all the other useful info, so that you’re never falling out of the loop.

Can I save money from shopping at Microsoft, even after Black Friday ends?

Apart from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events, Microsoft online store offers seasonal discounts, as well as whole year of student discounts, because they honor the knowledge-gasping bunch. But if you’re not a student, take a look at the Deals section, there are still much to find there on a regular basis. There’s may be still something for you to find in places like Picodi, so peek there any time as well.

What other similar stores have the best Black Friday deals?

Don’t want to be restricted to the official Microsoft Store? Not a problem, Microsoft offers and stocks isn’t available strictly to the company’s official Store, you can always look it up in places like GearBest and eBay, Banggood, or retail stores such as Walmart and Kmart. But that’s not the end of the your possibilities, because Microsoft Windows is just one of the popular Operational Systems and has the big competitors in the electronic market, the greatest being the Apple and Google, so if you’d rather fancy some Apple Mac or Chromebook, head to their stores and check them at retailers.