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When is Black Friday 2023? Are there going to be any Shopee Black Friday discounts?

One of the most coveted days of the year - Black Friday - is a moveable holiday. This year, the day falls on the the 24th of November, as usual just after the American Thanksgiving. Like every other year, Black Friday is going to be a real treat to shoppers all over the world, Shopee customers included. You get to enjoy extra discounts storewide, discounts on selected brands, various cashback offers, Black Friday Shopee vouchers, a multitude of flash sales, credit or debit card deals and promotions.

When does Shopee Black Friday start and end?

It all sounds great, but the real question is: “When does it all start?”. Good news! With Shopee, the sale period is never limited to just one day. Last year, for example, Shopee Black Friday started on the 24th November and lasted until the 1st December. It all looks like this year Shopee customers will be invited to enjoy the biggest shopping event of the year before the official date as well. Almost an entire week of hunting for the best Shopee Black Friday deals? Yes, please!

Shopee Black Friday 2023 - what should I pay special attention to?

Sales and promotions are not shopping events strictly reserved for Black Friday, but every savvy shopper knows that this is the best moment to shop away and cross off items of their wish lists. Patience is a virtue, after all, so if you plan to stock up on electronics, clothes, food and more, do it during Shopee Black Friday sales.

You can definitely expect a multitude of great Shopee vouchers and discounts to come your way during the Black Friday sales. But remember, there are limited quantities available, which means that the fastest fingers take all. This is why you should visit the Picodi page regularly to stay on top of things and know all about the best vouchers and when to grab them.

To keep their customers happy and satisfied, Shopee prepares huge discounts on some of their most popular brands such as New Balance, Marshall or Casio, to name but a few. You should definitely stay tuned to find all about the discounts. Shopee flash sales are yet another way to save money that you should definitely keep in mind. The best way to keep track all of them is to visit the Black-Friday Global website. There you can find all of the best Black Friday offers handpicked for you.

But most importantly, do not let get the Shopee Black Friday festivities sneak up on you. Take a good look at all of the categories and products available on the page a few days before the event kicks off, maybe even bookmark some of your must-haves or add them to your cart in advance. This way you will not waste your time on searching the right items and will not regret the purchase when the dust finally settles.

How big of a discount can I score with Shopee Black Friday deals?

Who does not like the thrill of shopping and scoring a Black Friday discount? And what about the feeling you get when you finally get to share with your family and friends how much you managed to save during your latest shopping spree? Watch their faces, when you tell them that you got this little piece during Shopee Black Friday at a 90% discount!

With Shopee being one of the biggest stores in Singapore, it comes as no surprise that the Black Friday discounts go as high as up to the aforementioned 90% off on special flash sales. Apart from that, you can expect up to 50% off storewide and even $20 off select brands and vouchers.

How big were the Shopee Black Friday discounts previously?

In the previous years, Shoppe Black Friday was celebrated with a bang. Their customers were able to save up to 90% on special flash sales and those who decided to make a purchase then definitely made the right call.

Apart from the flash sales, shoppers had a chance to take advantage of cashback deals which allowed them to get back some of the money they spent. And let’s not forget about Shopee Black Friday vouchers! Customers could collect different Shopee vouchers and use them to shave up to an extra $20 off a wide selection of products.

What can I do to find the best Shopee Black Friday offers?

There are plenty of ways to find all about what Shopee has in store for their customers this Black Friday. You just have to know where to look.

The first place to check out is Shopee’s homepage. Perhaps you will be able to find an enticing Black Friday discount or a piece fo information about a sale or promo waiting for you right there.

The next step is to subscribe to their newsletter and once you have crossed that out off your checklist, make sure to see their social media. First, their Facebook page. They may announce information about Black Friday flash sales and vouchers to their Facebook followers well in advance. To benefit from that, like their page and become a regular visitor. And when you are done scrolling down your Instagram feed, check out Shopee's IG as well.

The store’s mobile app is yet another thing that may come in handy when looking for news about promotions. Don’t forget to check that out!

Can I save money when shopping on Shopee if it is not Black Friday?

With a store as big as Shopee, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy discounts on your favourite products even if it is not the Black Friday season. You should keep an eye out for events such as the Great Singapore Sale which takes place in the summer months, 9.9, 10.10 or the Mid-Summer Festival. And if you somehow missed an event as big as Shopee Black Friday, there are also Cyber Monday sales and pre-Christmas and Christmas promotions and discounts that are worth giving a shot.

In many cases, though, there is no need for a special shopping event to score a Shopee voucher or a promo code. Every day, you get a chance to collect vouchers and promo codes for items from selected categories. New users get to enjoy gifts when they sign up and create an account. And if you pay with a credit or debit card issued by UOB, DBS/POSB, Citi or Standard Chartered, you also can expect some exciting perks.

What other stores prepare Black Friday deals?

Other great websites to visit for exceptional Black Friday deals are Lazada, Amazon and Redmart. You must have heard of them even if you are new to the whole online shopping game. Similarly to Shopee, they hold a number of sales, flash sales, come up with different vouchers and also partner up with various card providers to bring even better deals to their customers this Black Friday season.