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When is Black Friday 2023? Are there going to be any Klook Black Friday discounts?

If this is not your first rodeo, you might already know that Black Friday is a moveable holiday, which means that although each and every year it takes place on the fourth Friday of November, the date itself is different year to year. In 2023, the world is going to celebrate the biggest shopping event on the 24th of November. Similarly to previous years, this November Klook is also going to take part in the shopping extravaganza. The website prepares events such as Buy 2 Get 2 promotions and extra discounts on all activities for keen travellers who are interested in making travelling a bit more affordable.

When does Klook Black Friday start and end?

Last year, Klook participated not only in Black Friday, the website also prepared an abundance of excellent Cyber Monday deals that Klook users could snap up and enjoy. The whole thing lasted for a couple of days; last year’s promotions started as early as on the 26th of November and ended on the 29th of November, which gave users a lot of time to shop and save. You can expect that this year you will also have at least six days to immerse yourself in the Klook Black Friday and Cyber Monday fun.

Klook Black Friday 2023 - what should I pay special attention to?

As you might have already predicted, you can expect at least a couple of days of unceasing Klook Black Friday deals and promotions to come your way this November. In 2019 and 2020, Klook offered exciting promo codes and the website also came up with Buy 2 Get 2 promotions and extra discounts to satisfy their users. Thanks to initiatives such like these ones, Klook customers were able to save as much as 10% or up to $20 on activities and tickets.

Remember to hurry up, though, as in some cases there might be a limited number of redemptions available, which means that the fastest fingers take all. One of the things that you can do to ensure that you get the discount you are after is to plan ahead what tickets and activities you want to purchase. Then, when the discounts are finally live, instead of fumbling around, you will be able to quickly add your activities directly to your cart, apply a promo code and enjoy the discounted price.

How big of a discount can I score with Klook Black Friday deals?

In 2019 and 2020, Klook catered to the needs of their users in the best way possible - with a great number of promo codes, vouchers and promotions such as Buy 2 Get 2. During events like this, when a user purchased two tickets, etc., they could, for example, redeem another two tickets for free or at a fraction of the regular price, all depending on the terms and conditions of the promotion. The users were also able to save 10% or $20 on tours and activities in a number of places, not just in Singapore, but almost all over the world. In addition, Klook dropped plenty of discounts.

How big were the Klook Black Friday discounts previously?

In the previous years, when you booked your tickets during Klook Black Friday, you could enjoy as much as $20 off your purchase. But let’s not forget about Klook’s famous Buy 2 Get 2 promotions during which you could score 2 tours, activities, etc., at a much lower price or completely for free, depending on the terms and conditions of the event and the tickets that you chose. You should definitely pay special attention to events such as that one this year.

What can I do to find the best Klook Black Friday offers?

There are a few places where you can find confirmed information about the best Klook Black Friday deals and events. Make sure you check out all of the sources to get the latest scoop and get the chance to book an affordable trip or holidays.

The first of the places to check out is obviously the Klook website itself and their blog. If you do not visit them regularly already, you definitely should add that to your daily routine. You can find news about promotions, promo codes and special events posted there almost every day.

The Picodi website is updated daily as well, which means it is filled with the latest promo codes and discounts. If you are all about convenience, visit the page and find all of the best Klook Black Friday deals listed there.

You should also consider visiting Klook’s Facebook and Instagram pages to stay in the loop. In addition, you can turn on Facebook notifications for the Klook page so you will not miss out on any of their posts in which they announce their Black Friday deals and important information.

Can I save money when shopping on Klook if it is not Black Friday?

It is never a bad time to save money. And with websites such as Klook, it is surprisingly easy even after or before Black Friday. There are 9.9 crazy sales, their huge Birthday Sale, the one and only Mid-Autumn Festival and more. They all come with plenty of opportunities to snatch a discount or two.

On top of that, Klook comes up with deals for their customers almost every other day. If you follow their blog or Facebook page, you can be the first one to collect vouchers and promo codes. And if you are a foodie, Klook has not forgotten about you. There is also something for you, simply be on the lookout for Klook’s weekly food deals and promo codes.

What other stores prepare Black Friday deals?

We all know that online shopping might get expensive, so if you are looking for more websites with great promo codes and discounts, you should definitely see pages such as Redmart, iHerb or Amazon. You will be happy to know that they also actively participate in Black Friday and offer great discounts before and after the hottest sale season of the year as well!