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On 2019, when will Black Friday be taking place? Is UNIQLO Malaysia offering special deals to its customers throughout the period?

A few years ago, Europe first celebrated Black Friday for the first time, and now, it is one of the most popular celebrations across the globe, mainly due to the amazing offers on offer from many shops and vendors, both physical and online. In 2019, Black Friday falls on the 29th of November. Of all the products on sale during Black Friday, clothing falls among the top 3 in terms of popularity. UNIQLO Malaysia, whose name comes from the words unique and clothing, is definitely joining in the festivities by offering great discounts to all customers throughout Black Friday. Everyone who is looking to grab amazing clothing deals will definitely want to put UNIQLO Malaysia on their radar.

When do the Black Friday sales begin and end at UNIQLO Malaysia during the Black Friday event?

While Black Friday only happens on the 29th of November, UNIQLO Malaysias Black Friday sale will be lasting 3 days, starting on the 29th of November, and extends all the way through the weekend, finally ending on Sunday, 1st of December. This guarantees that everyone will have ample time to shop for their ideal clothing. Be sure to mark down these dates, as you cannot afford to miss these deals. UNIQLO Malaysia has evolved along with the shopping event. While some may still prefer going to physical stores to try out clothes one-by-one, some prefer to bypass the long queues and large crowds at shopping centres. To solve this, UNIQLO Malaysia takes a more sophisticated approach when looking for that special piece of apparel. You now also have the option of using the online store to make your purchases. The choice is yours.

What are the highlight deals I should be on the lookout for during the Black Friday sale at UNIQLO Malaysia?

UNIQLO Malaysia is offering extreme discounts to all customers during the Black Friday sale. You can expect discounts of high amounts, where most items can be bought at essentially half their price. If that is not enough for you, there are even promo codes that you can use to lower the price even further! Considering that UNIQLO has always offered great prices even at base price, this means that you can have a guilt-free shopping spree throughout the Black Friday period, just be sure to apply the promo code before checking out. Remember, while shopping at physical stores, you can try out each piece of clothing that interests you to find out whether it suits you. For online shoppers, UNIQLO Malaysia offers free shipping for purchases of RM150 or more, so you dont have to worry about getting your items. If you find they arent what youre looking for, you can use UNIQLOs generous 30-day free return policy to get a refund, and find something else that interests you.

What are the highest discounts I can expect to find at UNIQLO Malaysia during Black Friday 2019?

A large variety of products will be on sale, both mens and womens clothing items are included. Expect to find great discounts across all forms of apparel and accessories, ranging from tops, hoodies, blouses, and a whole lot more.

In the past, what were the best deals I could get at UNIQLO during the Black Friday sale?

In 2018, UNIQLO Malaysia was offering free deliveries for all online orders by using a promo code during checkout, making it the perfect time to get a gift for yourself or your loved ones without worrying about getting your purchases. UNIQLO Malaysia has you covered all the way.

How do I find out about all the best deals at UNIQLO Malaysia?

Be sure to sign up for the UNIQLO Malaysia newsletter to get all the latest updates about deals and discounts happening at UNIQLO Malaysia. Once you are signed up, also remember to follow UNIQLO Malaysia on social media. Keep an eye out for UNIQLOs emails and social media before Black Friday to see what is on offer. Other tips are to look in physical stores if you cannot find your size online. You can find the closest stores near you using the UNIQLO website. By following these steps, you definitely dont want to miss any of the great promotions happening on Black Friday.

If the Black Friday sale has ended, can I still save when making purchases at Agoda Malaysia?

UNIQLO is always hosting sales throughout the year, so even if you do miss the Black Friday deals, you wont have to wait long to find another sale. However, do bear in mind that Black Friday is when the most products will be going on sale, so it you want a larger selection, you cannot afford to miss this.

What other stores are offering discounts during Black Friday?

If you want to find alternative sources for your fashion needs, consider checking out Lazada, ZALORA, FashionValet and Christy Ng. These sites are not only offering great deals during Black Friday, but they also allow for convenient shopping through their online stores.