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On what day does the Black Friday event occur at Sephora Malaysia? Also, are there any special discounts or promotions happening in tandem with the campaign?

At Sephora, the Black Friday event happens on the 25th of November 2022. All forms of skin care, hair, cosmetic products and more will be heavily discounted throughout this promotional period. With such a large variety of brands on offer, there is certainly something for everyone during this sale. While other beauty brands choose to release information about their Black Friday deals and discounts, Sephora Malaysia takes a more unique approach. The annual shopping heyday is treated much like Christmas here in Sephora Malaysia. You will only find out what types of massive discounts are happening throughout the event on the day itself, so do not forget to check out the site, or you risk missing the amazing promotions and deals occurring throughout the day.

When is the exact time I can expect the Black Friday sales to commence and end at Sephora Malaysia?

The Black Friday offerings will only be purchasable when they go live on the 25th of November 2022. Before that, you cant shop for any of the products discounted in conjunction with Black Friday. Be sure to mark down this date, as youll definitely regret missing this golden opportunity to purchase items at a highly discounted price.

What are the highlights on offer that I should look out for during the Black Friday sale at Sephora Malaysia?

Sephora Malaysia is always ready to surprise their prospective shoppers. A quick glance at the Sephora website right not shows no mention about the Black Friday event, all the discounts are being kept under wraps for now, but customers will definitely be amazed by the massive discounts available for certain exclusive Black Friday Products. These deals will only be revealed nearing the day of the sale, so keep an eye out for any news about the deals.

What are the highest possible discounts I can expect to find during the Black Friday 2022 sale at Sephora Malaysia?

While many deals are still staying hidden for now, the reveals will not disappoint. Sephora Malaysia is also having a 15% Off Everything campaign. Apart from the deals still under wraps, shoppers can expect to have an extra 15% discount on top of the already discounted products, as well as what we currently have revealed. To gain access to the extra 15% discount, be sure to add the discount code BF15 upon checkout if you do not see the discount already applied. Terms and conditions apply. Remember, Sephora Malaysia also offers free shipping for online purchases of RM80 or more, be sure to use this to your advantage. If you prefer to shop physically, feel free to stop by at any Sephora outlets throughout Malaysia during the sale, youll be sure to find something that fulfills your needs. Sephora Malaysia has outlets located at most major shopping centers in Malaysia, check out the Sephora website for the specific addresses.

What were the highest discounts at Sephora Malaysia during the previous Black Friday Sales in the past years?

Sephora Malaysia wanted to give eager shoppers the best deals possible. This was reflected in the three word mantra that Sephora based the Black Friday deals on, everything under $15. Expect to find products going for as low as $15, or potentially even lower. Almost everyone can find a deal that interests them during this event, so be sure to check it out.

Is there any way for me to find out about the best Black Friday deals at Sephora Malaysia?

Be sure to subscribe to the Sephora Malaysia newsletter, which will send all the latest information to your email inbox. This guarantees that you get all the best deals throughout the Black Friday Sale, so you wont miss a thing. Also, you can follow Sephora Malaysia on social media, as all deals and the latest product releases will be posted there, making sure that you never miss a beat, and always have access to the best savings possible.

Can I still save at Sephora Malaysia even though the Black Friday sale is over?

Unfortunately, Sephora users can only access the amazing discounts and promotions during the Black Friday Sale. However, Sephora does have sales throughout the year. To be sure that you dont miss out on other opportunities, be sure to subscribe to the Sephora Malaysia newsletter and follow Sephora Malaysia on social media to keep yourself informed.

Where can I find other great discounts on similar products during the Black Friday Sale?

Apart from Sephora Malaysia, cosmetic, hair care, and skin care products can also be found at Hermo, iHerb, Foreo and b.liv. These stores all offer similar products to Sephora Malaysia. These sites all operate online storefronts, allowing convenient shopping for all customers. Be sure to check out all the sites during Black Friday to not miss out on amazing deals.