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When does Black Friday happen on 2019, and does 11street Malaysia provide any unique discounts to its users during this special occasion?

Right after Thanksgiving Day, many people celebrate Black Friday, and to join in the festivities, many shops and vendors offer their users amazing deals and low prices on all their products and services. This year, Black Friday will occur on the 29th of November 2019. 11street, as one of the top Malaysian Online stores, is also celebrating Black Friday through great discounts on a large variety of products, offering up highly competitive prices to all its customers. 11street always strives to put the customer at the forefront, enhancing each individual customers shopping experience by making it more personalized and engaging.

At 11street Malaysia, when can we expect the Black Friday sales to begin and end?

At 11street Malaysia, the Black Friday sales last close to a week. The sales begin on Sunday, 24th of November, and ends on Friday, 29th of November. This provides ample time for everyone to enjoy the great deals that will be on offer. Be sure to mark down the dates on your calendar, as this is a rare opportunity to purchase a bunch of items for extremely low prices.

Are there any special highlight deals I should be on the lookout for during the Black Friday sale at 11street?

11street stocks all sorts of items, from groceries all the way up to fashion, electronics and beauty products. All these products are constantly in high demand at 11street, and during the Black Friday sale, these products are available at lower prices thanks to discounts. Also, 11street Malaysia will be giving out special discount codes for even higher savings. Keep a keen eye out for any discount codes that will definitely be given out nearing the Black Friday celebration. These will guarantee that you enjoy the best prices possible.

What are the highest expected discounts I can find during Black Friday 2019 at 11street Malaysia?

11street promises that discounts will be jaw dropping, going to as high as 90% off on selected items. 11street Malaysia stocks all kinds of products from many different vendors, having such a large variety that you are guaranteed to find something that you need. 11street has products ranging from fashion, health and beauty products, technology, home electronics and appliances, sports and automotive, toys, and even groceries. Expect to find many different products with high discounts. Remember to download the 11street mobile application, available on Android and iOS. This will make your shopping extremely convenient, putting all the products right at your fingertips. You will not even need to leave the comfort of your phone to purchase items you need.

In the past, what were the highest recorded Black Friday discounts at 11street Malaysia?

In 2018, 11street gave unbeatable prices and discounts of up to 80% discount on special selected products. People were extremely enthusiastic about this, and sales were through the roof. 11street manage to achieve their goal of revolutionizing pricing, which was no small challenge.

Is there any way for me to know about all the best Black Friday deals at 11street?

For all the latest information regarding all the latest deals and promotions happening at 11street, be sure to subscribe to 11streets newsletter, this ensures that you will be the first to know about all the best Black Friday deals, before they even happen. There are also promo codes that are only given out through the newsletter, so make sure you take advantage of the newsletter-only perks. Also, follow 11street on social media to get quick notifications regarding all the latest deals available. The mobile application will also notify you about all the deals and promotions that you can access, meaning not a single opportunity to save will pass you by.

Even if the Black Friday sale has ended, can I still enjoy savings at 11street Malaysia?

11street always supports buyers, not only by offering the secure protection while shopping. 11street will sometimes give extended time to grab the Black Friday deals depending on the demands from their customers. Naturally, 11street constantly has other sales throughout the year. To keep yourself up to date regarding all the sales available at 11street, subscribe to the newsletter and follow 11street on social media to ensure you never miss a single sale or promotion.

Apart from 11street Malaysia, are there any other shops that offer such amazing discounts during Black Friday?

11street offers so many product varieties, but if you would like to find alternative stores that also have great Black Friday deals, be sure to check out Adidas, ASOS, Christy Ng and Shelot. These sites offer amazing deals during Black Friday, and they also have online storefronts, ensuring that customers have all the convenience of shopping online, without even leaving their homes.