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On which day is Black Friday in 2019 in South Africa? Does Zando offer special discounts to its customers during this period?

Black Friday 2019 in South Africa will take place on the 29th of November. Zando Black Friday Deals last a few days before and after the actual day and you can avail discounts up to 80% on selected brands. Zando usually shares special Black Friday discount codes which you can use on sale items and avail an additional discount for a wide range of brands like Converse, Mango, Forever New, Aldo, Vans or Reebok.

When do Zando Black Friday offers start and when do they end?

All of Zando Black Friday sale events are called “Black Friday Week” and usually last for at least a couple of days. In 2017, Zando Black Friday offers were available for four days, from Tuesday the 21st until Sunday the 26th of November. Last year Black Friday offers were made available to customers from Monday the 19th and lasted until the end of the week and specifically until Sunday the 25th of November.

What are the most important Black Friday tips that I must be aware of?

Black Friday deals at Zando are related to selected categories and particular brands which can be changed throughout Black Friday week so it is necessary to be up to date with the newest products. If you really want to notice a difference in prices of products, you should check them before and during sales.

How much discount should I expect from Zando during Black Friday 2019?

This year Zando discounts can reach record highs with up to 90% off! Of course these discounts will not be available all week but will be part of flash sale events that usually last a few hours. This is why it is very important to check the Zando website frequently. You can also get an additional discount of 10% when you pay using credit/debit cards from specific bank brands.

What were the highest Zando Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

2015 was the year when Zando released several great promotions. This shop offered 80% off on selected ‘fashion items’. Moreover, one could buy gift cards even half price cheaper than usual - the gift card valued R300 could be bought for as little as R150, which gives us 50% discount. In 2017 Zando, just like in 2015, offered 80% discount which was valid on many brands including Guess, Polo, Nike, Soviet, Levis, Adidas or Utopia. In 2018 you could save even 90% with some deals. During Black Friday week on the other hand, it paid off to choose Visa card as payment option as it reduced the value of your cart by additional 10%. On 25th of November 2018, the main Black Friday event, there was 10% off Zando voucher code which was available to use on all orders with no exceptions. What’s more, Zando gift cards were discounted up to 70% off!

How can I find the best Black Friday deals from Zando?

Finding the best Black Fridays from Zando is not as difficult or as complicated as it may seem. You can save the most if you just follow the following simple steps. Firstly, you must be subscribed to the Zando newsletter. This way you will get all Black Friday flash sale events straight into your inbox. You should also subscribe to the Picodi newsletter so that you ensure that you won’t miss a single flash sale event. What could also prove very helpful is checking out the Picodi website throughout November and adding Zando to your favourite stores on your account. Zando have also a very successful mobile application that you should download so that you don’t miss out on any ‘App Exclusive’ promos. It’s also worth checking the Zando social media accounts for any special promos or coupons. The most common social media platforms that you should follow is Zando Facebook. You can also check out discount websites that publish the latest Zando sale events and voucher codes.

Can I save money from my shopping at Zando, even after the end of Black Friday?

Of course you can! Zando organises sale events the whole year round! The biggest ones, during which you can save up to 80%, are Cyber Monday Sale, The Big Winter Sale which is followed by Good Buy Winter Sale, Mid-Season Sale, Summer Sale, Birthday Sale as well as Payday sale events which are available towards the end of most months. What is worth doing is signing up to the Zando newsletter and check coupon and discount websites. Most importantly, you must not forget to check the Picodi website where you can find Picodi exclusive vouchers for Zando. Make sure you activate the Picodi web push notifications so that you don’t miss any Zando coupon codes and keep on checking the store’s social media accounts for specific flash sale events. Last but not least,you can always save money on Zando products, discounted or full priced, when you pay using credit cards from specific bank brands.

Which other similar stores have the best Black Friday deals?

If you want to checkout more deals from stores that offer similar products to the ones Zando offers then you can check out Spree, Factorie, Zaful, Italist and Cotton On! These stores also have special Black Friday Deals and Sale events and offer huge discounts all year round.