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On which day is Black Friday in 2023 in South Africa? Does MRP Sport offer special discounts to its customers during this period?

In 2023, Black Friday main event will be on the 24th of November in South Africa. Mrpsport like every year will participate in this Black Friday with discounts rates being as high as 85%. Mrpsport Black Friday Sale starts on Thursday and customers can avail lower prices and special deals on ladies jackets, men’s apparel, team sports essentials and more!

When does MRP Sport Black Friday start and when does it end?

The main event is scheduled for 25.11; however it's likely that MRP Sport will prepare their promotions some time beforehand. For example, in 2021, Black Friday was scheduled for the 26th of November, however prices of many items went on sale on 24th of the same month. Additionally, the deal was on until the 29th of November which was known as Cyber Monday. Customers have every reason to believe that the promos will appear a few days before the leading Black Friday sale.

What are the most important Black Friday tips that I must be aware of?

During Black Friday time, MRP Sport organises a certain sale called ‘Summer Savings’ It usually starts at least one day before Black Friday main event. Discounts offered are usually dependent on value of one’s order - the higher the value, the bigger discount you will get from MRP Sport. If you really want specific items but you're worried that you won't be able to find them on the Black Friday itself, you can use the strategy that has proven very popular with shoppers across the world. Do your research a bit earlier than the event and add these items to your wish list or your cart beforehand. You do need to have an account to make sure you register for it. Then, when the day comes, and the prices have been discounted, you can find them quickly and effortlessly. This tactic bears a slight risk, though. If you don't act at the right time, someone can buy the product for you because it's not really yours until you pay for it.

How much discount should I expect from MRP Sport Black Friday offers?

MRP Sport is very generous with their discounts so customers can very well expect rebates of up to ZAR 500 across all categories. This is a perfect opportunity to shop for sports clothing and accessories from all groups for much less. Interestingly, the promotions also apply to the kids' section which is especially beneficial for parents. Kids grow up so fast, so Black Friday allows them to shop for clothing in advance.

What were the highest MRP Sport Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

Black Friday deals at MRP Sport are usually dependent on the amount of money one spend. In recent years MRP Sport users could save even R50 on their purchase if they spent R500, they could get R150 off when they spent at least R1000 or R500 when their cart value was more than R2900.

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from MRP Sport?

There are various ways in which customers can find out about the upcoming and already published deals before and during Black Friday. One of them is to subscribe to the store's newsletter. It will let every subscriber know as soon as the promotion goes live. Another way is to subscribe to visit this page on a regular basis. It is dedicated strictly to Black Friday deals. No payment is necessary as the page is completely free. If you use social media on a regular basis, it's worth checking out the store's profile - very often flash deals are announced there. Finally, certain discussion groups' members often exchange information on the best offers. Don't forget about the Mr Price mobile app. Besides the convenience of shopping on the go, it allows you to save your record, and receive app-only flash deals.

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from MRP Sport?

One way is to shop Flash Deals of the day that are usually available from Monday to Friday. Remember, though, that you only have only a few hours to buy them. Next, customers can download the MRP mobile app which will alert them on new promotions as soon as they are published. The app also allows shopping on the go which ads to the convenience factor. Once you download the app, you will receive information about the latest special offers. A newsletter is also an effective way to stay updated with regards to bargains on MRP's website. The customers can register for a newsletter from the store itself or a discount code platform Picodi. With the latter one, you should add MRP Sport to your favourite stores which will allow the system to send you notifications about promotions. What is more, during the Black Friday itself, this website will have all the best deals under one roof which will make it even more convenient for you to shop your way through the virtual aisles.

Which other similar stores have the best Black Friday deals?

If you want to checkout more deals from stores that offer similar products to the ones MRP Sport offers then you can check out Salomon, Boardriders, Nike, Adidas, Total Sports and Sportscene! These stores also have special Black Friday Deals and Sale events and offer huge discounts all year round.