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When is Black Friday 2023 at Macy's? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during the event?

Theoretically, Black Friday starts on the 24th of November, which is one day after Thanksgiving. However, Macy's might start it a wee bit earlier. The company will prepare some excellent discounts and coupons for products all around the store. These promotions will be available both online and offline.

When does Macy's Black Friday start and when does it end?

As already announced, the sale will technically start on the Thanksgiving Day - November 24th. Macy's recommends that you get set for some extreme markdowns in the store, online and on the mobile app. The sale is likely to last until Cyber Monday when even more discounts might be found.

What are the best Black Friday tips of which customers should be aware?

You might find that some offers are offline or online exclusive. Prepare yourself and make sure you know what you want to buy at this hectic time. Some coupons might also be found on physical ad flyers. With regards to the online deals, you can find sources of those on discount code platforms and websites which are dedicated to Black Friday, such as this one.

Macy's customers are pretty competitive and won't let go until they have what they came for. Brace yourself and ensure you have your payment details ready for your online order. Better yet - open an account at the store (it's free anyway) and enter them beforehand. This way you will shop for those products with just a click of a button.

Be on the lookout for additional voucher codes which can come to you in a newsletter or via the mobile app. These are often exclusive to the store account, or app holders so use them to your advantage as well.

How much discount should I expect from Macy's Black Friday offers?

Based on previous years, discounts of up to 60% are expected along with coupons worth $10 or $20 per order. The closer it is to the holiday, the more coupons will be distributed, so it's worth checking in on a regular basis.

What were the highest Macy's Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

In 2018, the Black Friday sale started at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Thursday. Those who started their celebrations a little earlier could turn to their computers and mobile phones and shop for the amazing products at competitive prices. The promotion included all categories from beauty products to small electronics, from clothing to everything else.

In previous years the markdowns reached up to 70% as Macy's has got a long Black Friday tradition. Also, some free delivery opportunities were available on selected orders, which added up to the overall savings.

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from Macy's?

You will receive all the information you need about Black Friday from reliable sources. One of them is Black Friday Global. It will bring all the promotions together for you to check out and decide what your next steps are going to be. This means that some vouchers can apply to specific products while others can give you discounts on entire collections. Plan your Christmas gift-giving this year because, at these prices, you can easily shop for all your loved ones.

Another source will be the mobile app. Here's the best part: there might be some app-exclusive deals as well so download it quickly if you haven't done so already.

You can also follow the social media. The best and quickest way to spread the word about the promotions by the store and by other shoppers. Connect with them and exchange information on how to shop to gain the most.

Every year, Macy's has got a landing page where it shows you all you need to know about Black Friday event and how to shop to get the most incentives.

Can I save money from shopping at Macy's, even after Black Friday ends?

Macy's wants their users to get accustomed with their mobile app which is why it gives them a welcome gift of 25% off their first order. What better way to start your adventure with Macy's than by downloading the best shopping app out there?

The store also frequently organises flash sales which last only 48 hours. The products applicable vary, from fashion to home furnishings and bedding. You can get up to 80% off the products which are not just beautiful but also very practical.

That's not all. Recently, Macy's has introduced a pickup service that brings you benefits as well. If you opt for click and collect in store (which may take from 2 hours to 8 business days, depending on location and availability), you can receive extra 20% or 15% off your next in-store purchase. The pass is valid for 30 days so if you have some big shopping to do; you can spread the cost this way.

If you register for a newsletter, not only will you receive all the information you need to shop cheaper but also 25% off your first online order.

Other than that, the store often organises seasonal sales which can help you stock up with goods for the following year. After all, basics never go out of style, whereas trends come back after a few years.

What other similar stores have the best Black Friday deals?

Macy's offers high-quality branded products which will exponentially enrich your closet and your home. You can, however, find similar products and Black Friday offers at other stores as well. These will include eBay, ASOS, and Meshki Boutique. Be sure to check them out before Black Friday event so that you get the most benefits.