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When is Black Friday 2023 at Argos? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during the event?

Black Friday on Argos' website is going to be a real treasure trove for customers. This one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Britain will prepare for the 24th of November and beyond some fantastic discounts on all kinds of for the 24th of November and beyond. There will be over 60,000 discounted products available for Black Friday and the days following it.

When does Argos Black Friday start and when does it end?

In 2020, Argos announced that their Black Friday event would last not one week but 13 consecutive days – from 19th of November to Cyber Monday. In 2021 it also lasted 14 days to conclude on Cyber Monday. There is a reason to believe that even though it's the 24th of November that will be the most popular and the biggest event, customers will be able to find deals for up to 14 days in advance.

What are the best Black Friday tips of which customers should be aware?

There are a few things you should pay attention to. One of them is that this multi-brand, high-street retailer gives you an opportunity to shop for bulky items for much less. This is your chance to furnish and equip your house with furniture and home appliances at great prices. You should be on the lookout for special Argos voucher codes which entitle you to the biggest savings. Don't forget to look for high-end brands which can also be discounted to an amazing value.

Besides that, Argos gives you an opportunity to save not only money but also time. When you shop online, even on Black Friday, you can choose Fast Track Collection in store. A quick pop in-pop out service will let you enjoy your new items in the fastest way. Finally, if you have an Argos card, you can spread the cost of your items and pay in full at a later date. It's better to apply for it sooner than later.

Argos recommends that you make a wish list. Simply visit the store beforehand, look for the items you're most interested in and add it to your wish list. Remember to register for an account beforehand! Then, you will already have them in your checkout, ready to pay for them.

How much discount should I expect from Argos Black Friday offers?

As with the previous years, customers could easily save up to 50% and receive some additional incentives. One way of saving even more money was using additional promotional codes if they were released, or free delivery to the store. It's worth remembering that sale items will also be sold on Black Friday and they might also be eligible for further discounts.

What were the highest Argos Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

In 2019, the Argos sale was so popular and so massive that the customers experienced some issues when shopping. After all, it was over 12 million visits in one day! In 2020, technical difficulties were only memory and shoppers could easily shop for items from all categories for up to 50% and it was repeated in 2021 as well. The most popular category on Black Friday was, as expected, technology.

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from Argos?

There are various places in which you can find all the info you need about Black Friday deals. One of them is the Argos website. You will surely see the deals and offers published on the main page so that you can quickly take a look at what's available. You can also look for the information in the online press. Newspapers printed articles about Argos' Black Friday event in the past, so probably it will be the same this year.

Another way to find everything you need out there is to look for information on social media. The most effective way of interacting with customers will be useful just before and during the Black Friday event. Other than that, remember to visit Black Friday Global throughout the event. As soon as a flash sale is released, you will find it here, so keep checking in.

Then, you can download a mobile app. Not only will it notify you whenever you need to see a deal, but you will also be able to buy the item immediately.

Can I save money from shopping at Argos, even after Black Friday ends?

Argos boasts of promotions even after Black Friday is finished. If you miss out on the deals published during that time or you don't find anything for yourself and your loved ones, you can look for vouchers and codes on Picodi. When you subscribe and add Argos to your favourite stores, the system will let you know when a new promotion is in. You can also subscribe to Argos' newsletter and act when appropriate.

You can look for promotions in regular categories – sometimes products are discounted and placed there. If you don't find anything there, click on the Sale button. Popular picks at an Argos lowest price sounds pretty good. There is also a clearance sale. This is the right place for people who are looking for some serious savings on products which are either being discontinued altogether, or the collections are ending.

There are sale items available on the main page as well. One click and you immediately see if you can afford to shop for them.

Look for opportunities to save money with an Argos card and click and collect options. Why pay for the delivery if you can save on that as well?

What other similar stores have the best Black Friday deals?

If you want to explore all of your options, don't forget to check other stores that will also participate in Black Friday, for example, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, eBay, Amazon and Debenhams.