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When is Black Friday 2019? Are there going to be any Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday discounts?

You might already know that Black Friday takes place on a Friday, no surprises here, but the question is which one exactly? Black Friday is an event that came here from the USA and it is celebrated on the fourth Friday of November, a day after the Thanksgiving Day. This year it is going to be the 29th of November Worth noticing is that some stores tend to kick off their Black Friday deals and promotions a bit earlier than the upon agreed date. This means that you can expect Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday promos hit the store earlier than on the 29th of November.

When does Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday start and end?

If you look at all the previous Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday sales, you can easily see that the store starts the festivities a few days before the actual date. This way clients have a chance to truly immerse themselves in the discounts and promotions Rebecca Minkoff offers before the main event starts. And, on top of that, the discount season is extended to Cyber Monday. You should definitely check that out as well!

Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday 101 - what should I pay special attention to?

Long story short, Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday promotions last for at least a couple of days and you can also expect Cyber Monday promotions, so do not spend your money all at once. If you have an email subscription, you can expect some exclusive discounts to come your way. Make sure to check your inbox and enable notifications.

Expect a Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday promo code to appear sooner or later. Keep an eye on the store's main page, their social media accounts, check your email. With this voucher code, you will be able to take an additional 30% off your purchase, so it is definitely worth the wait.

How big of a discount can I score with Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday deals?

As of now, nothing official about the Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday discounts has been released to the world yet. You could say that this year's Black Friday deals are still veiled in mystery. Or are they? If you look at all of the last year's promotions, the discounts went as high as up to 70% off. You might assume that this November the Black Friday discounts are going to be pretty similar, if not a bit higher.

How big were the Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday discounts previously?

Good news here! Last year, Rebecca Minkoff offered their customers up to 70% off. And the best part? That was just the base discount. If you scored yourself a Rebecca Minkoff voucher code, the deal got even sweeter. With some help from the special promo code, customers from all over the world could enjoy an extra 30% off their orders. Scour the page or Black-Friday Global for the code, key it in when checking out and simply enjoy money off.

What can I do to find the best Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday offers?

There are always some steps you can take to make the hunt for Black Friday bargains even more enjoyable and maximise your savings. Here are some great tips if you are thinking about spending your money on Rebecca Minkoff.

Make sure you are subscribed to the store's newsletter. This gives you the chance to stay on top of things and be the first person to know about new Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday offers and receive exclusive discounts straight to your inbox. Also, visit the website on a day to day basis so as not to miss on promotions and news about the upcoming Black Friday deals and voucher codes.

It is also highly recommended to follow Rebecca Minkoff's official social media accounts. You might be able to find the latest promos and information about Black Friday offers there.

If you are not much into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you do not feel like checking their page every other second, give the Black-Friday Global page a shot. All of the best Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday deals will be added there. You can scroll the page, see if anything catches your attention and indulge yourself this Black Friday season. And if the deals are not to your liking, you can always see what other stores similar to Rebecca Minkoff have prepared for their customers.

And finally, prepare a shopping list. This way you will stay on track and ensure you do not forget to buy the item you came to Rebecca Minkoff in the first place.

Can I save money when shopping on Rebecca Minkoff if it is not Black Friday?

Of course you can! And here is how you can do that. Simply wait for events such as Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve or the Chinese New Year as they are a great opportunity to save big. Moreover, Rebecca Minkoff also offers promo codes and discounts throughout the course of the year. Follow the store on social media and enjoy exquisite prices!

And if you are new to Rebecca Minkoff, create an account, subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy an instant 15% off your very first order.

What other stores prepare Black Friday deals?

At this point, you might be wondering what the other stores that celebrate Black Friday are. If you like the styles and looks that you can find on Rebecca Minkoff, you simply must head to Zalora, ASOS and Amazon. Enjoy amazing fashion finds at Black Friday worthy prices with these stores.