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When is Black Friday 2019 at KLM? Does the website offer any special discounts for its customers during the event?

For most of the stores and service providers, Black Friday main event falls on the 29.11.2019. KLM will offer competitive prices on plenty of their flights on that day so passengers can purchase their tickets much cheaper. Even if you're not planning any holiday right after the event, you will see the period to which the promotion applies which will help you in making arrangements for a later time. What is even better in flying with KLM is that those who travel on business will also be able to book their tickets much cheaper. For this Royal Dutch airline, it's a perfect opportunity to reach even more passengers across the world.

When does KLM Black Friday start and when does it end?

The main event is scheduled for 29.11; however it's likely that KLM will prepare their promotions some time beforehand. For example, in 2018, Black Friday was scheduled for the 23rd of November, however prices of flights to many destinations went on sale on 22nd of the same month. Additionally, the deal was on until the 3rd of December which was known as Cyber Monday. Passengers have every reason to believe that the promos will appear a few days before the leading Black Friday sale.

What are the best Black Friday tips of which customers should be aware?

The main thing everyone should remember is not to wait until the last moment. If the tickets do in fact go on sale before the said date, it's better to pick it up sooner than later. To help with that, you can subscribe to the newsletter or a Messenger service which alerts you whenever your desired ticket reaches the fare you're able to pay.

As with shopping online at any other outlet, preparation is vital. With KLM you can check out the tickets to your favourite destinations beforehand and compare the prices during the Black Friday event. This way you will know how much you're actually saving and whether you can afford to purchase any additional services from the airline.

Another tip you should use is to check the package holidays that KLM prepares with another travel website. You might score a flight-accommodation package that will be much cheaper than these two separately.

How much discount should I expect from KLM Black Friday offers?

During this year's event, passengers will be able to save up to 50% off selected flights. Interestingly, though, KLM partners with a travel booking website which allows you to book a package holiday which means that you can possibly save on both the journey and accommodation.

Besides that, you should be on the lookout for other discounts which seemingly aren't associated with Black Friday. You might find that you can book a ticket for even less.

Remember to check if you can still accrue miles in the regular, frequent flyer programme with your Black Friday.

What were the highest KLM Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

Discounts during the previous Black Friday editions reached up to 50%. The destinations to which journey's price started at just a few hundred bucks included top cities in Europe, such as Berlin, Geneva, and Munich.

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from KLM?

There are different ways in which you can find out about the most beneficial deals. One way is to subscribe to KLM's newsletter which will deliver the latest news on promotions not just on Black Friday but all year long.

Another way is to regularly visit this page, which is dedicated exclusively to Black Friday. It will gather the best promotions in one place which will give you an overview of what's available at that time.

Following the airline's social media is also a great strategy to stay updated with regards to bargains offered by KLM. Just click on the right button on the airline's social media page, and newest deals will appear on your timeline.

Can I save money from shopping at KLM, even after Black Friday ends?

Definitely yes. KLM is a premium airline; however, it offers their customers a wide range of promotions throughout the year. It makes your business and holiday trips much cheaper, and since it flies to an extensive network of destinations, they are definitely worth taking advantage of.

One way to save money outside Black Friday even is to take a look at last minute deals. It's an excellent option for those who cannot afford to plan their journey way ahead and are ready to score the best fares on their flights. These are usually short-lived and are live on the website while "stocks last" so it's better to hurry up with the booking.

Another way to not just save money but earn it is to subscribe to the Miles programme. A Flying Blue system was designed to help passengers earn miles and benefits whenever they use KLM as their airline of choice. Once you accumulate enough miles, the catalogue of benefits opens for you and you can also spend your points on booking your next trip.

Finally, KLM offers price alerts on Messenger. Once you download the app, you will receive information whenever the price on your desired flight reaches the right amount. With this service, you can set your destination, dates and price you wish to pay, and as soon as it reached the level you anticipate, you can pay and book tickets.

What other holiday websites have the best Black Friday deals?

Other airlines that will also publish offers on Black Friday include Qatar Airways, EtihadAirways, Emirates, Iberia and Kenya Airways. If for any reason, you don't find an appropriate deal to your chosen destination from KLM, you are bound to find it at one of the above.