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On 2019, what day is Black Friday, and is Sony Malaysia offering any unique discounts to all its shoppers during this time?

Black Friday is a special occasion that falls on 29th of November 2019 this year, and is a celebration that happens right after Thanksgiving Day. Many shops and vendors offer one-of-a-kind deals during this period to all their customers to celebrate. Sony, being one of the worlds top technology companies, is also offering Malaysian shoppers the chance to join in the festivities. Sony fans can eagerly await surprises from Sony during this particular event, and you will definitely be amazed by all the fantastic discounts, dropping the prices to unbeatable new lows. With such a large variety of technology products on offer, there is almost certainly something for everyone during this sale.

When do the Black Friday sales begin and end at Sony Malaysia during the Black Friday event?

Here at Sony Malaysia, our Black Friday deals only happen exactly on the 29th of November, it is Black Friday after all. Throughout the 24 hour period, all Sony shoppers can enjoy large discounts on a large selection of products, which include electronics such as televisions, headphones and cameras, as well as entertainment items from the Playstation Store. Even if you cant find something that interests you, be sure to keep an eye on the Sony Malaysia store, do not be surprised when you see more massive sales going live after some time. To make sure you never miss a thing, keep your eyes peeled, you never know what will happen next.

What are the special highlight deals I can expect to see during the 2019 Black Friday sale at Sony Malaysia?

Sony Malaysia offers a huge range of hi-tech products. During the Black Friday sale, selected products will be discounted by large amounts, meaning more savings for all the eager shoppers. However, the undeniable highlights are definitely the deals on the PS4, where games are sold at unprecedented low prices. Sony always gives out the best discounts on Black Friday, so if you want to get your game on, Black Friday is definitely the time.

What are the highest expected discounts I can find during Black Friday 2019 at Sony Malaysia?

Last year, Sony Malaysia offered discounts of more than 40% off to many, many products, and this year will definitely be the same, or perhaps as a surprise, the deals will be even better! Expect to find great discounts on tech products, letting you bring a brand new television back home to enjoy better image quality. Or perhaps you are a photographer; there most certainly is an upgrade to your current setup. No matter who you are or what you are looking for, Sony Malaysia is definitely prepared to let you purchase what you want at amazing prices. Be sure to keep a keen eye out for the Black Friday promotions.

What were the highest Black Friday discounts at Sony Malaysia in the past Black Friday sales?

Last year, the most popular discounts among all shoppers were definitely the amazing promotional offers to save up to $100. This discount could even be applied on top of pre-existing discounts, meaning even more savings for all customers and Sony lovers. This is definitely one of the rare chances for you to grab brand new Sony products at a cheap price, so what are you waiting for?

How can I find the best Black Friday deals at Sony Malaysia?

To get all the latest information regarding the deals and promotions on offer from Sony Malaysia, all you need to do is subscribe to the Sony Malaysia newsletter. This will guarantee that you will be the first to know all about the Black Friday deals that are happening, while also giving you the latest updates regarding new product releases. Another thing you definitely want to do is following Sony Malaysia on social media. By doing this, you will get immediate updates regarding all the latest promotions and discounts happening at your local Sony outlet or online store. During the Black Friday sale, promo codes are also given out through social media, so be sure to take advantage of this!

What if the Black Friday sale has ended, can I still save when buying at Sony Malaysia?

Sony lovers will always have special opportunities to shop at cheaper prices. While the crazy promotions are only happening during the Black Friday event, Sony Malaysia is always giving out special deals throughout the year, so you can always scratch that shopping itch. To never miss out, remember to follow Sony Malaysia closely so you never miss out.

Apart from Sony Malaysia, are there any other shops that offer such amazing discounts during Black Friday?

If you are looking for the latest discounts on tech products during Black Friday, you can check out Lazada, Apple, Senheng or the Microsoft Store. All these offer great tech hardware and software at amazing prices, and you can easily access their online stores for convenient shopping, without needing to wade through crowds at your local shopping mall.