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Zomato has become the fastest growing paid subscription portal in India with its Gold Membership that is serving more than two hundred thousand members across all major Indian cities. Zomato has helped people discover good dining facilities in their cities. This helps in people making an informed choice when they want to book their restaurant appointments through Zomato. The very definition of feasting at restaurants has been changed by Zomato, particularly by the ability of its team to gather data about eateries concerning food planning and holding tables. All these facilities are accessible on its website. Within just a couple of years after its introduction in India, it has gone on to become a perfect portal for assisting people with fine dining possibilities.

On which day in 2019 does Black Friday sale take place at Zomato India? Is it offering special discounts to its users during this period?

Zomato India does not participate in the Black Friday sale in November 2019. It does offer coupon codes to coincide with this time of the year to its customers. These coupon codes can be converted into cashback facilities at all its major restaurant partners across the country.

When exactly do the Black Friday sales start and end at Zomato India?

This online portal does not take part in the Black Friday sale event. You can, however, expect coupon codes from its website during the Black Friday event and convert them into attractive discounts when you want to take your family out during that weekend in November this year.

What should I look out for the most during Black Friday sale at Zomato India?

Zomato does not participate in this event but you can look out for plenty of coupon codes applicable at its restaurant partners, where you can save money on your dinner putting on Black Friday. During the Diwali season early in November and during Black Friday, Zomato helps restaurants in creating amazing dining experiences for its subscribers.

What are the highest discounts I can expect during Black Friday 2019 sale at Zomato India?

There are no specific discounts offered for the Black Friday event by Zomato but you can avail of its coupon codes where discounts could go as high as 50% along with some free goodies. You can also use its code `GET 33’ to get 33% discount on the first five orders booked through them.

What was the highest Black Friday discount range at Zomato India in the previous years?

Zomato did not take part in the Black Friday sale event in the previous years. They, however, built amazing experiences for its customers around dining possibilities in their cities. With information for over hundreds of its restaurant partners in India, it has made dining enjoyable and smoother with its online ordering and reservations for dining. The cashback facilities it gave in the previous years during Diwali season in November went up to 60% on various restaurant and eateries all across India.

How can I find the best Black Friday deals at Zomato India?

The best deals at Zomato India during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday event are available on its mobile app. You can easily download the Zomato Restaurant Finder app. The exclusive coupons with discount offers were enjoyed by mainly its Gold members.

Can I still save while shopping at Zomato India when Black Friday sale is over?

Yes; you can still save at Zomato India as it offers many deals in November to selected restaurants all over India. People can save with the help of its coupons, promo codes and coupon codes and they can enjoy a vast variety of cuisine choices on Black Friday night or the remainder of that weekend.

At which similar shops to Zomato India can I find great discounts during Black Friday sale?

Other online stores that offer similar deals like Zomato India during Black Friday sale week are Foodpanda, Fassos, Swiggy and McDelivery.

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