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When is Black Friday 2019 at Priceline? Does the store offer any discounts or its customers during the event?

As usual, the massive sales event commonly known worldwide as Black Friday comes the day after American Thanksgiving holiday, which is on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, Black Friday is going to take off on the 29th of November 2019 and at Priceline it will most certainly go on for the full three days until Sunday midnight or even further. As it is one of the biggest websites dedicated to top-notch cosmetics and health & beauty products, each and every one of thousands of customers will definitely find what they’re looking for.

When does Priceline Black Friday start and when does it end?

In 2018, the savings already started on Wednesday, two days before Black Friday, during which customers could save even 50% on various Priceline categories. In 2018, the shop’s main Black Friday Sale lasted for 3 days up to the weekend, starting on 21st of November until Friday 23rd, but there were additional event savings from Saturday and on, ending on 3rd of December. Cyber Week wrapped the event up with a bang! There’s a great chance that this year it won’t be any different, so there will be plenty of time for you to find some awesome deals.

What are the best Black Friday tips of which customers should be aware?

If you are looking for advice on how to hunt mega-deals, here’s a few tips on what you can do in order to single out the best ones and a brief overview of how it looked like in the previous years. In 2018, Priceline Black Friday coupons and offers have been sent via e-mail to the subscribers, starting as early as 5 a.m. The single best thing that you can do is to subscribe for Priceline e-mail newsletter before the event starts and wake up as early as you can, as the early birds always find the best offers! After that, be sure to check for new deals every week, as the Black Friday weekend is only a cherry on top of the great deals’ cake! As said before, Black Friday starts the whole series of sale events, which won’t close until early December. Of course, it’s better to be quick and remember that the set of offers is limited. Nonetheless, there is always something worth waiting for in case you miss the very best.

How much discount should I expect from Priceline Black Friday offers?

2019 Black Friday discounts might include offers up to 50% off during the main weekend event, but it will not end there. Priceline customers will probably be able to save even as much as 40% on top brands during the very next week, as well. Sukin, OGX, Maybelline, Olay, Revlon, and many, many more all-time favourites are going to ready their best stocks for a super-wide clearance. There is a huge possibility that some offers from the previous years will repeat.

What were the highest Priceline Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

2017 and 2018 brought Priceline customers massive savings. The deals available included offers such as 30% off Rimmel London, 30% off Australis face & eye, or 40% off Nivea. Even L’Oreal Paris eye collection was on sale! If you are a lover of the most desired cosmetics and beauty products, this sale will be the real deal for you.

How can I find the most beneficial Black Friday deals from Priceline?

You should definitely subscribe to receive promotional e-mails from Priceline, as only subscribers get the chance for the most lucrative deals. Only a handful will enjoy the most special coupons and gifts, so check your luck. Of course you can always have a look at the Priceline website and social media, for example Priceline Facebook or Twitter accounts because they are rather active. The Priceline social media wizards come up with the most appealing beauty offers. Let us not forget about the Sister Club; a membership will reward you any time you place an order. This way, every deal will be even more profitable!

Checking coupon sites such as Picodi may also be quite an ingenious idea, as its crew are a very talented bunch of deal hunters, with their eyes set straight on the most attractive and lucrative present deals online. Last but not least, there’s also the site on which you are at this very moment, Black Friday Global. Here you will be presented with a selection of the absolute best available promotions.

Can I save money from shopping at Priceline, even after Black Friday ends?

Definitely yes! After the main event comes the Cyber Week, and the deals should continue well into December. There will still be a lot to browse through after 29th of November, so keep your eyes open. The perfect bargain is right around the corner from you.

Aside from the end-of-the-year series of sales and the most special sets of deals, Priceline offers seasonal discounts throughout the year. The shop does not offer a lot of promo codes, but all of their crazy clearance bargains will be satisfactory and easy to find on Picodi. Last item deals are also available.

Make sure to be thorough in your search and no stunning discount should fly past you. The key is to be patient and be sure what to look for.

What other similar stores have the best Black Friday deals?

If you want to be the most informed on the most wanted cosmetics on the market, apart from Priceline you should be checking top stores such as Nude By Nature, The Body Shop, YesStyle, and Cosmetic Capital. You can always have a wider perspective and broader possibilities to find what you fancy.